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KIDDY GiRL-AND DVD and Blu-ray volume 1

As I mentioned before, they're doing handshake sessions in Animate stores where you can also pre-order DVDs and Blu-rays and get signed extras. Here's what is available for order

DVD Vol.1 Limited Edition KABA-6401
January 29, 2010 (6,930 yen incl. tax)

Blu-ray Vol.1 Limited Edition KAXA-1701
March 26, 2010 (7,980 yen incl tax)

No other details are available and it's not yet listed on any of the main onine stores, but here the (currently dead) links for CDJapan and Neowing


[JP] Kiddy GiRL-AND (AoD Forums, Blu-ray Anime News & Views)

Trixie and Troisienne* are in Hiver's office watching a message from the errant Un-ou and A-ou who finally make an appearance, albeit briefly and from a distance. They were to go on a mission together but can't make it. Trixie requests if they can take a couple of waitresses with them instead - presumably not to provide the in-flight though. And it's like we're finally back to the first episode of Kiddy Grade - a pinkish-red ship launching up an orbital shaft. No interruptions this time though. Ascoeur and Di-air are crowding round a window - hey, you can see our house from here - Q-fueille calls them childish but is soon gawping out the window herself to the amusement of the older couple.

Their ship, Rafale (French for "gust") is somewhat La-muse-ish - it has the same pink colouring as the Urania, but three wings. It has independant warp capability also. Ascoeur and Q-feuille reference the C-Square and Salyut, confirming that they were trained by Tweedledee/dum and Un/A-ou respectively as in the manga. From the rear their ship has a circular design somewhat reminiscent of some of the earliest design sketches for the La-Muse, and the redesigned C-Square has some similar "floating" elements at the rear. The front, top and sides of the bridge are coated with real-view screens giving a view you a panoramic outside view didn't get on the La-Muse outside of the dogfight bridge. Q-feuille did get to do that sleepover at Trois' place. Their mission is to intercept the sale of illegal warships.

They warp out at an asteroid base with lots of big cannons ranged around it. And lots of drone fighters. Rafale's shields can cope with beam weaponry so they start firing missiles instead. We don't get to see if the ship has an inertial drive as it shoots down the missiles and shoots back with a couple of MIRVs which take out all the drones in one shot. They blast a hole in the asteroid and charge through into the base with their shields on full in a move reminiscent of the Sol Bianca pirates. The Rafale has a male voice, as does their Guard Robot Triumph - which is voiced by Shiraishi and takes it's cues from Raising Heart - "yes, my master".

The hanger full of ships is so reminiscent of the tank scene in Tron I was expecting them to start moving. The buyers they are after are G-society, the terrorist organisation which send Rubis, Saphir and the old geezers. They have a lot of warships. They split up - Troisienne takes Ascoeur (which makes her happy) and Trixie takes Q-Feuille. Since Di-air is the odd-one-out they let her choose - and she chooses Q-feuille (which makes Ascoeur sad), so Troisienne takes Triumph. The bad guys launch the warships on autopilot, at which point Troiesienne enters to make her arrest, GOTT-style. Ascoeur trying to join in is amusing. Head bad guy shoots at then and Ascoeur, rather than teleporting or even just ducking just winces so it is just as well that Triumph was guarding them invisibly.

Trixie, meanwhile, is hacking her way into one of the ships (all three of them standing on the hull in open space ala Kiddy Grade) with her iPod when bishies Torch and Shade make their appearance. The outspoken with the brown hair is Kazuya Nakai while the quiet one with purplish hair is Nobuo Tobita (Sinistra from Kiddy Grade, although credited as 飛田展夫 which appears to be a simple typo. Note that Dextera's seiyuu, Hirotaka Suzuoki, hasn't done anything since 2005).

Dr.Moro eyecatches again.

They haven't met before although they have heard of them since they mistake Q-feuille for Troisienne. They call themselves "Shadow Workers", placing themselves explicitly on the opposite side to the ES ("Encounter of Shadow-work" for anyone who's forgot or is new to the franchise). Shade departs and Torch attacks the trio by calling down firebolts using a blue Sanskrit symbol on his hand (his eyes also glow blue). Q-feuille seems to think that shielding Di-air with her body is actually going to help, but Trixie seems to have a personal shield like Éclair's which is a lot more useful. She can also teleport, although Torch seems to have no problems tracking her, and can fling energy balls (white as opposed to Éclair's usual black). OK, they have met before - Torch's ability is to create illusions so he is physically somewhere else where he can't see them (clearly at least - he knew there was a child with them).

Ascoeur is making fun of all the bad guys locked up behind a window, and teaches Triumph to akanbe while Trois is remotely operating the ships to collect them as evidence. Shade appears, and has red sanskrit on both hands and glowing red eyes. He calls fire down from the surrounding ships through the hole they made with the Rafale. His shields will take it but they parked him in the reactor core.. he makes an emergency lift-off, trapping them on the disintegrating station. They pack the bad guys off on an escape pod and Ascoeur attacks Shade (panchira get!) - with her fist, which he dodges her with ease but her intention was to get behind him to fire her nanoneedles - which pass straight through him as he is another illusion. He recognises Ascoeur, presumably from his subordinate's report. They escape on Triumph, but a series of shutters close before them. The way Shade's illusion moves is by turning to mist (nanomist one presumes) - like the phantoms in the GOTT basement. He closes a series of shutters between them and the exit, Triumph forces himself through one but takes damage in the process and won't make it through all of them. Trois tells Ascoeur to get away using her telelport as she doesn't want to leave Triumph behind, but Ascoeur sees the door controls and has an idea..

Meanwhile, Trixie is still holding her ground against Torch - until her eyes go all wierd. This is Shade's doing. She can't teleport like this leaving them open to attack. A group of battleships uncloack - which is what has been attacking them all along under Torche's control. Q-feuille still thinks that being a human shield will protect Di-air from a fleet of warships ^^; Thankfully Rafale comes to the rescue and blows them all up. Except the one on a collision course towards them that is. Q-feuille's ability activates (cued by the music from the ep 1 prologue) and she calls to Di-air..

Ascoeur has been opening the security shutters one by one, by teleporting to the other side and opening them manually. She says she is OK but is clearly flagging and collapses a few doors later (this is my favourite bit of that music). Trois says she is no longer an apprentice. And just blasts through the remaining doors by waving at them. Q-feuille and the others escape on a transformed Tama. Meanwhile, everything else explodes. Torch and Shade get away with the last remaining warship. Shade seems to see something special in Ascoeur (isn't that always the way?). Sounds like we may be going on more of these training missions with the two T's in future also.

Ascoeur ED.

Next episode is G-Society (Gソサエティ G Sosaeti ) featuring Pauk and Letuchaia's anime début at a masked ball. This that come next week all the main cast will have made an appearance. Hopefully they'll start updating the database on the official site with the new characters. There's another new conteman in Yusuke Yamamoto (director of Night Wizard and NHK), the director is Hazuki Mizumoto (has directed single episodes of a few series) and the Sakkan is Maiko Okada, a familar face to the series as she not only did key animation on the original pilot but illustrated this poster for Newtype (2007-06).

As usual I'll be back with a re-read and fixup once I've watched this through again (with subs).

* According to her badge, トロワジェイン is actually "Troisienne", the feminine form of the French "troisième", or "third" (with help from Mori@Twitter).
A higher resolution shot of the badge makes it clearer (I first watched the episode on Nico Nico Douga), along with the other details:

GTO ES-Member
Rank: G
Code name: Troisienne
DOB: SC0360 12 Oct
Sign: Libra
Age: 19
Blood type: A

The official site has announced a serious of handshaking sessions with Gouda, Uchida and Shiraishi at Animate stores throughout Japan in December. If you preorder a Blu-Ray or LE DVD you get a double-sided poster, a bag illustrated by Yukari Higa and a signed card (if you pre-order just the ED CDs you get less swag). If they're talking about KG-A discs then that means details must be forthcoming soon and that the series will have a simultaneous BD release.


KIDDY GiRL-AND #07 -- Teaching Robots Strange Things (Tenka Seiha)
Kiddy GiRL-AND Episode 7 Discussion (MAL)
Kiddy Girl-and Discussion Thread: Episode 7 (AoD Forums)
Kiddy Girl-and Episode 6-7 (Memories in the Rain)
Kiddy Girl -AND- : Episode 7 (Kokuun)
Kiddy GiRL-AND Exposé (Wakaranai)

New Uta Kata DVD box set

Uta Kata is getting a box set re-release on the 23rd February under Bandai's "Emotion The Best" label at the ultra cheap price of 7800yen. It contains all 12 TV episodes plus the 13th OVA episode on three discs. Considering that the two Summer Memory boxes cost 18000yen each and the seven individual DVDs were 5000yen this is an absolute steal for anyone yet to pick this underrated series up (although I don't know if any of the extras are included and there's no mention of a booklet), and I'm tempted to get it just for completion.

The official site has been updated with full information on the first three KG-A singles. To summarize now we have the full details:

The OP single will be released on the 25th of November and the two ED singles on the 9th of December, all priced at 1200 yen.

Title: Baby universe day
Artist: Ascoeur (Aya Uchida) and Q-feuille (Aya Gouda)
01:Baby universe day
 Lyrics: Aki Hata; Composition: Katsuhiko Kurosu; Arrangement: Kaoru Okubo
02:Day × Day
 Lyrics & Composition: yozuca*; Arrangement: Katsuhiko Kurosu
03:Baby universe day(off vocal)
04:Day × Day(off vocal)

Title: Sun and Moon (太陽と月 taiyou to tsuki)
Artist: Ascoeur (Aya Uchida)
 Lyrics: yozuca*; Composition: rino; Arrangement: Hijiri Anze
02:Growing UP!
 Lyrics: yozuca*; Composition & Arrangement: Katsuhiko Kurosu
03:太陽と月 (off vocal)
04:Growing UP! (off vocal)

Title: Moon and Sun (月と太陽 tsuki to taiyou)
Artist: Q-feuille (Aya Gouda)
 Lyrics & Composition: yozuca*; Arrangement: chokix
02:Sparkle is in the future (スパークルは未来へと supaakuru wa mirai e to)
 Lyrics & Composition: rino; Arrangement: Eiji Kawai
03:月と太陽 (off vocal)
04:スパークルは未来へと (off vocal)

Second Radio show is up but I haven't listened to it yet. Depending on how earth shattering it is I will either create an entry later or tack something on the end here.

KIDDY GiRL-AND episode 6


The mystery storyboard artist turns out to be Kakeru Mima, the character designer of Kannagi.

Hiver and Sommer are making out in her office. Not sure why he has his little Black Box open.

Part A: Suspicions about the Chief's office

Di-air has been roped into working inthe coffee room also. A call comes in for a delivery to the Chief's office, asking for the trio in particular so they think they're going on a mission. Hiver is more than a little.. flustered when they arrive - it wasn't her that called them (so that's what he was doing). Sommer is the daring type as he fondles Hiver's hair in front of them. Eclipse would never act this cute.
The trio are suspicious of him so.. they form a huddle in the middle of the corridor, then go back to eavesdrop (see - if they'd kept the armed guards, double security doors and reception area these things couldn't happen.) The doors are too thick to hear through though so Ascoeur get's a boost from Di-air and teleports the behind the curtain where they can see the two kissing - and I think not only does Sommer know they are there but he is enjoying it. The two older girls are blushing and fiidgetting while watching but Di-air just blurts something out loud so they quickly port out. And straight back again. Here's the bit with the glasses in the coffee - Sommer is talking provocatively on purpose. Ascoeur get's so embarassed she jumps back to the coffeeroom - accidentally leaving the other two stranded. She then returns but misjudges and lands right in front of them but they are otherwise occupied and don't even notice. By this time Hiver is topless and they get so worked up that their voices start to raise and they are discovered - although whrere they are standing they would have been seen if the had just turned around anyway ^^;
I never thought I'd describe Hiver as cute but.. I still don't like her outfit design but she's only wearing half of it anyway. Smooth talking Sommer is now trying to bluff their way out. with playing cards? No-one would fall for this as a magic trick.. except these three of course. And it was't a kiss - he was giving her a 'power up' like Di-air. He gives them both a peck on the cheek and Di-air on her forehead. Ascoeur isn't feeling any powered-up, but it wasn't on the lips, right?

Part B: "Say you!"

Our trio are off duty in some sort of café with Belle and Alisa where a couple of guys in the background appear to be recording voiceovers for a couple of gay ninjas on a wallscreen. They're in "Say You Cafe: Beyond Loads" (I'm guessing "Say You" is a pun on "seiyuu" - do such café exist in Japan?). Ascoeur is tackling a triple layer strawberry shortcake all be herself. It is some sort of theme café for girls with bishy waiters who are aspiring to be seiyuu. "お嬢様じゃないもん!ディアだもん!" . I don't think Tama like's this guys attention to Di-air. I don't think I do either for that matter.
Oh, here's Shiraishi playing himself again. Please don't let him sing! Too late. Belle puts him in his place. Sign on the wall reads "Mass Destlacshon". It looks like you can give them scripts to perform, and Alisa has one she prepared earlier. But here does the footage come from? Shirashi's character comes back to a classroom for something he forgot and interrupts an illicit liaison between a male teacher and student. You can guess what he's singing, right?
Ascoeur is on her seconds (i.e. another enormous wedding cake). Meanwhile, Di-air seems to survive on nothing but milk. Tama is still jealous and steals a kiss - this could get ugly. Or pretty.. boy. Has Wakamoto ever voiced a bishie before? His eyes are purple rather than the usual red but he has green hair. Unfortunately he doesn't know how to say anything other than his name - but he knows how to please the girls - and p*** off the other hosts, who give him something suspicious to drink. Now this could end badly. It's a laxative - when it fails to have the desired effect the other guy licks a drop off his finger and immediately has to run to the men's room. Tama goes hulk and destroys the building. Shiraishi, afuro! It's OK though - Ascoeur rescued some cake and Alisa knows of a good BL café.

Another special ending - sung by Norio Wakamoto and illustrated by Dr.Moro.

Next episode:憧れの2人 akogare no futari - they go on a mission with Trixie and Troy and go up against a couple of bishies enough like Dextera and Sinistra to make them Torch and Shade.


KIDDY GiRL-AND #06 -- There's No Sex in the Champagne Room
Kiddy GiRL-AND - Voyeurism

Here's the latest chapter from December's Comp Ace:


They meet Letuchaia and Pauk for the first time who have gone out in disguise. They still have those energy bolo things at their fingertips from the pilot and cause an explosion, which they cover up by pretending to be bystanders and blame it on their underlings.
It looks like Dia will be introduced into the manga next chapter - Hiver was showing Ascoeur and Q-feuille to her from the office window.

There were a few other pages in the magazine as well as an illustration on the cover
itself (click the link above. There was also a couple of pages in December's Comptiq, and a double page spread in December's Newtype. There's also KIDDY GiRL-AND merch in the giveaway section of all three for those in Japan: they all had signed ADR scripts and copies of the blu-ray sets while Comp Ace also has a card.

In other news, Lantis has uploaded the coverart for the two ending theme singles:


-and no Kiddy Girl (ÆON Anime)

KIDDY GiRL-AND net radio


The first episode of the web radio show "Touch & Go!" is now up on the Lantis site:
There's also new top image on the official site to commemorate this. As mention previously it stars the two Aya's and Shiraishi. This first episode is just under 50 mins long and parts of it are accompanied by video of them all sitting around a tangle of mics, the rest having an Evangelion-style "GTO 01 Sound Only" sign.

In other news, Norio Wakamoto has been promoted to the main cast list in his ongoing role as PoshePocket Tama.

Episode 6 is to be directed by Satoshi Oosedo with both Tomoyuki Abe and Takashi Mamezuka as Sakkan, but the storyboard artist is still TBA for some reason.


More odds and ends:
Both Aya's have posted a picture to their blog of them in cospay again - this time with wigs:

YesAsia have new cover art for the Kiddy Grade series Blu-ray box:

There are now six CDs showing on a search of AmiAmi. The two new ones are character song CDs for Ascoeur and Q-feuille. Both due out on the 10th of February 2010.

Gotoh just turned 41 and got a sheep pillow from the KG-A seiyuu:

Some new scans about:
Ascoeur as this November's calendar wallpaper at Tomokazu Sugimura Over Drive site (be warned - parts of site very NSFW)
Newtype article @ animepaper
Another magazine @animepaper (I recognise the layout style but can't remember which magazine it it)


More minor news - details on the two ED theme singles have finally been added to the Lantiis site:

TVアニメ『キディ・ガーランド』EDテーマ アスクール ver. 「太陽と月」
TVアニメ『キディ・ガーランド』EDテーマ ク・フィーユ ver. 「月と太陽」

Doesn't seem to actually reveal anything new though, and the 'b'-side is still TBA.

The two new character song CDs are listed on Amazon:
TVアニメ『キディ・ガーランド』キャラクターソング1 [Single] [Maxi]
TVアニメ『キディ・ガーランド』キャラクターソング2 [Single] [Maxi]

A bit of searching gives the product codes, LACM-4677 and LACM-4678.
They aren't up on Neowing or CDJapan yet, but it isn't hard to figure out where they will be when they are:


Interview with Keiji Gotoh added to the official site:
Since I've only seem a machine translation I'm not going to go into the contents in detail, but it discusses the reason for the sequel and for the changes between what was shown in the PV (described as being a version "1.5").
The interview took place at the studio itself and there's a photo of a coffee table with some colour settei and what look like some background prints on it.

Also, there's a Touch & Go! mug due out on the 17th of December for 840 yen. Animaxis are floggin it (not seen it elsewhere) but their order deadline is the 19th (in Japan, which is ahead of us)

Kiddy -And - Episode Five (Nyan Nyan)
KIDDY GiRL-AND - 05 (Random Curiosity)
Kiddy GiRL-AND - Loli Kissu~ (Open Your Mind)
Kiddy Girl-and Discussion Thread: Episode 5 (AoD forums subthread)
Kiddy GiRL-AND Episode 5 Discussion (MAL forums)

Ascoeur and Q-feuille (with Di-air in tow) are all called to the Chief's office to talk about the old GOTT building recognisable to anyone who's seen the first series. All three are wearing matching blue Alicey waitress outfits. The building has been preserved but is falling apart but people who have been send in to inspect have encountered something in the basement so they are sent to investigate - much to the dismay of Q-feuille who seems to have a weakness for scary stories.
Q-feuille's tricorder is picking up odd readings from the building. There's a shield around the opening they have to use a pass to get through in order to enter. The reception area is all very familiar - but dark, dirty and decrepit. Di-air chases after a pair of eyes she sees and the others run after her. They lose sight of her and Ascoeur teleports off with the sensor to find her - leaving Q-feuille all alone, when she hears a scream. Is Ascoeur playing a prank? She saw how nervous Q-fi was earlier. Oh noes - glowing red eyes up in the "high boltage" cables! Ooh, thundering footsteps in the dark and dripping blood! At this point I don't blame her for being freaked.
Who's that in the mist? Only Di-air. Di-air with glowing red eyes however.. who turns into gloop then a zombie that can laser down chocolate bombs. Now she bumps into Ascoeur..or is it? Guess not.. Thriller moment from the preview. And she just bombed the real Ascoeur covered in paint - who doesn't believe her story but forgives her instantly when promised some Pumpkin Pudding. Ascoeur dropped the sensor in some water so they now have no way of tracking Di-air. They wander into a lab filled with what look like cloning cylinders and the blueprint for a Genetech Beast.
There are pictures of all the ES-members - Tweedledee, Tweedledum, A-ou, Un-ou, Éclair, Lumiere (the epilogue versions).. there's writing underneath each one that says "the death" followed by a date then something about heaven and another date. The dates are all SC032x. Next are Eclipse, Viola, Cesario, Dextera, Sinistra..
Here's a closeup of Eclipse's - the top couple of lines are still illegible but I believe the bottom says "THE death Oct SC 0322" and "To heaven Aug 0325". Ah that's better -

The women loved the sun.
Alv Jenever
THE death / Dec. SC:0328
TO heaven / Sep. SC:0330
("loved the sun".. is that a pun there? ^^;)

They look to have cut and pasted the long shots as the legible text is identical for all of them and Alv's in long shot doesn't match the above (it is the same as what I deciphered earlier). The dialog seemed to indicate that only Alv and Dvergr were listed as dead?
Ooh, creepy voice.. that sounds like Kikuko Inoue (I will confess here and say I already saw her name on the cast). And here's an Alv ghost. Has a cloning machine gone nuts? She's saying "17 years old". She's appearing and disappearing and so is Dvergr who just says "Oi, oi".
Di-air's back - prompting another epic scream from Q-feuille. Di-air has lost their bentou. Q-feuille can sense a presence - so her ESP goes beyond precognition. This new ghost is a lot bigger - Q-feuille doesn't bother waiting to find out what it is, she just grabs Di-air and legs it. Di-air says they aren't ghosts but Genetech Beasts. Ascoeur doesn't understand so Q-feuille explains it is like the dragon from the first episode. Ascoeur's comb can do sword and gun at the same time it seems - previous she's swapped between the two. It has no effect and neither do Choco Bonbombs. The beast is morphing between a bear form for strength, a turtle for armour and a cat for speed.
Di-air gives Ascoeur another power-up kiss in the nick of time as she teleports the three of them out of danger. Now it's Q-feuille's turn, and she can now accurately predict the beast's movements. Oh.. but Di-air kissed the beast also ^^;
They defeat it by Ascoeur grabbing it, teleporting it straight up and dropping it on a load of bombs. What is this underground chamber? It is so immense you can't see the walls nor ceiling and filled with tall columns. A training facility? The beast now looks like an omurice. A pet for Di-air? Yes - as they leave their debriefing it is around her neck disguised as a purse. This must be "Tama" from the credits voiced by.. Norio Wakamoto (myuun!) ^^;

Q-feuille end.

Next episode: Suspicion of the Bureau Chief's office (局長室の疑惑 Kyokuchōshitsu no Giwaku). Why is Sommer dipping Hiver's glasses in coffee and licking them?


There's an article about the series in December's Comptiq and also an interview with the two leads in December's Newtype, as mentioned by the official site and the blogs of Yukari HIga, Aya Goda and Aya Uchida.

KIDDY GiRL-AND #05 -- Strange Directions (Tenka Seiha)

Ascoeur and Q-Feuille are given their first ES-member assignment - to look after a little girl named Di-air (Dear?). They swap their waitress costumes for their ES-member outfits - pretty sure this is the first time we've seen Ascoeur's in-series, and possibly the first time we've had a panchira shot of her too for that matter. Di-air is 7, she has no parents, so Ascoeur wants to adopt her as a little sister. She is hungry so Ascoeur goes off to fetch some food while she bonds with Q-feuille (who tells her she is also 7 an has no friends her own age.. right). Ascoeur gets jealous.

They go for a tour of the building. Di-air finds Alisa's stack of Yaoi manga behind the reception desk. One of the desk workers is looking at porn in work and has an immense nosebleed (where I worked you got fired for that). Now we go visit the security force who show off their muscles. In the coffeeroom Mi nourose is wearing a dreadful purple afro wig today. He/she/it likes 'em young. Di-air has never been outside or even seen the sun before so they take her outside.

We definitely seem to be stuck with Dr.Moro eyecatches for the long run here.

The buildings are blocking out the sky so they take her to a grassy area at the rear of the grounds as they are not permitted to leave the premises. Q-feuille doesn't like being called a tsundere, but suddenly her inner child breaks free and starts frolicking while an insert song plays - Sing a song (うたを歌おう♪ Uta wo Utaou), performed by the three girls. The child and the childish one both fall asleep, but then two suspicious girls arrrive, Ice maiden Saphir and beast-woman Rubis. Q-feuille completely fails to escape while Ascoeur engaged Rubis' claws, which are not only inpervious to her beam sword but also somehow shatter it. Saphir can create barriers and missiles out of ice. And stalagmites.It turns out they are not after Di-air however - they are the ones who sent the murder strip-o-gram to Hiver back in the first episode.

Despite (or because?) she is teleporting rather than running Ascoeur is tiring a lot faster than her opponent, who is winning as she's pegged that she can only teleport short distances and tends to telegraph her movements. Di-air wakes up and kisses the almost unconscious Ascoeur, they glow and she seems not only revitalised but powered up - she can now teleport even while holding Di-air and has figured out she can fire fast enough to hit Rubis by using her teleport on the needles themselves - and she is now using the exploding nano needles. Security arrives and the bad guys beat a hasty retreat, but not before Rubis has not only returned to normal but the clothes she shredded earlier are back.

Despite putting her in danger and being extremely inexperienced Ascoeur and Q-feuille are put in charge of Di-air - who is also an ES-member in potentia. She's clearly not Viola since she needed power from Cesario; she didn't dish it out.

Next episode is "Ghost of the GOTT" (GOTTの亡霊 GOTT no Bourei) which suggests some more continuity injection with the original series and is storyboarded, directed and supervised by Naoto Hosoda, who worked on a few episodes of the original series and drew this illustration - you can see his influence in Q-feuille's eyes in the preview.


KIDDY GiRL-AND #04 -- The Illicit Love of Little Girls (Tenka Seiha blog)
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