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Negima 14-16 DVD improvements

Only noticed one redrawn scene in episode 14 15, where they forgot to draw clothes on Negi and Ayaka that suddenly appeared in the next scene, so not bothering with the cut on this entre unless a whole lot more turn up in the next two episodes. Didn't see anything in episode 14.

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Negima Episode 13 DVD Improvements

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I've now finished capping episode 13 so here's a selection of modified scenes. Episodes 14-16 to follow when I've had time to watch them, assuming there are any changes.

Time Travel

Spoilers for the last few episodes under the cut.
Sorry I haven't done any caps for volume 4 yet (assuming there are any changes), not had the time to sit down and do it yet. Didn't realise I'd been putting it off this long until I got confirmation today that volume 5 has shipped..

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