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Mai HiME 20

If you thought Mai had it bad in the last few eps, it's NOTHING to this.
No caps, but I wanted to bash some stuff up before I leave for my Sister's place for a few days.


My-Hime Episode 16

Caps to follow..
I only got as far as the start of the Karaoke party as I was out last night (looking forward to finishing it as I've seen the screencaps elsewhere), but loved the way Mikoto-chin clung to Mai the whole episodes and the looks they were getting in the coffeeshop :)
Already had the ending spoilt and it's a meanie.. I can see Nao being a problem as she's never been exactly loyal to anyone but herself, I don't know what could incite the others to take each other on (especially when they learn what the tragedy of being a HiME really is). Is anyone else concerned that they left Akane in the care of that wierd alien?

My-Hime Episode 15

Barely know where to start with this one.. heck of a lot happened, in fact it could almost be a last episode (for some studios it probably would have been.. yes, I'm looking at you Gainax)
I also have over 350 screencaps and picking just a few out from this action packed episode will be a chore (although Fencude has already done admirable work)
Look like Moyism had the same problem also with 114 screencaps and a mega writeup I can't hope to come close to.

[post falling asleep]

Matthew has his entry up now.. and has managed not to succumb to the mega screenshot phenomenon. Matthew also links to Athena who I have to admit not to having read before, and Mentar has another mega-article up (boy I have some serious competition.. pity I can't write stuff to save my life)

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