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Negima Dub


Well while I've heard bits about the dub from trailers and heard accounts of it from others I've got my hands on the actual product for the frst time today. Let me say straight away that, whatever people think of the actual product, the packaging is exceptional. The box is simply the best I've ever seen, the stickers are cute and the chibi figurine was a great bonus. For the content, you'll have to bear with me as I'm always much better at spotting flaws than being able to articulate how good everything else is.

Gotoh lives!


It's been quiet on the Gotoh front, nothing tangible since the Gemini Knives book - no posters in Megami for example - and no updates to his site for ages, but he's suddenly added a new top image (of Yurika) and set up a new blog.

Can't actually read any of it on my current machine (not that my Japanese is great anyway..) but from that Nifty says it looks to be mostly talking about his his diet is going... There was mention on the Gotokei fansite of a sequel to Gemini Knives or something though.

Higurashi no naku koro ni 14

Only just started watching the ep but wanted to jot down some notes. This will probably end up as another of my stream-of-consciousness style things, so gomen.

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