KIDDY GiRL-AND episode 5: Ghost of the GOTT


Ascoeur and Q-feuille (with Di-air in tow) are all called to the Chief's office to talk about the old GOTT building recognisable to anyone who's seen the first series. All three are wearing matching blue Alicey waitress outfits. The building has been preserved but is falling apart but people who have been send in to inspect have encountered something in the basement so they are sent to investigate - much to the dismay of Q-feuille who seems to have a weakness for scary stories.
Q-feuille's tricorder is picking up odd readings from the building. There's a shield around the opening they have to use a pass to get through in order to enter. The reception area is all very familiar - but dark, dirty and decrepit. Di-air chases after a pair of eyes she sees and the others run after her. They lose sight of her and Ascoeur teleports off with the sensor to find her - leaving Q-feuille all alone, when she hears a scream. Is Ascoeur playing a prank? She saw how nervous Q-fi was earlier. Oh noes - glowing red eyes up in the "high boltage" cables! Ooh, thundering footsteps in the dark and dripping blood! At this point I don't blame her for being freaked.
Who's that in the mist? Only Di-air. Di-air with glowing red eyes however.. who turns into gloop then a zombie that can laser down chocolate bombs. Now she bumps into Ascoeur..or is it? Guess not.. Thriller moment from the preview. And she just bombed the real Ascoeur covered in paint - who doesn't believe her story but forgives her instantly when promised some Pumpkin Pudding. Ascoeur dropped the sensor in some water so they now have no way of tracking Di-air. They wander into a lab filled with what look like cloning cylinders and the blueprint for a Genetech Beast.
There are pictures of all the ES-members - Tweedledee, Tweedledum, A-ou, Un-ou, Éclair, Lumiere (the epilogue versions).. there's writing underneath each one that says "the death" followed by a date then something about heaven and another date. The dates are all SC032x. Next are Eclipse, Viola, Cesario, Dextera, Sinistra..
Here's a closeup of Eclipse's - the top couple of lines are still illegible but I believe the bottom says "THE death Oct SC 0322" and "To heaven Aug 0325". Ah that's better -

The women loved the sun.
Alv Jenever
THE death / Dec. SC:0328
TO heaven / Sep. SC:0330
("loved the sun".. is that a pun there? ^^;)

They look to have cut and pasted the long shots as the legible text is identical for all of them and Alv's in long shot doesn't match the above (it is the same as what I deciphered earlier). The dialog seemed to indicate that only Alv and Dvergr were listed as dead?
Ooh, creepy voice.. that sounds like Kikuko Inoue (I will confess here and say I already saw her name on the cast). And here's an Alv ghost. Has a cloning machine gone nuts? She's saying "17 years old". She's appearing and disappearing and so is Dvergr who just says "Oi, oi".
Di-air's back - prompting another epic scream from Q-feuille. Di-air has lost their bentou. Q-feuille can sense a presence - so her ESP goes beyond precognition. This new ghost is a lot bigger - Q-feuille doesn't bother waiting to find out what it is, she just grabs Di-air and legs it. Di-air says they aren't ghosts but Genetech Beasts. Ascoeur doesn't understand so Q-feuille explains it is like the dragon from the first episode. Ascoeur's comb can do sword and gun at the same time it seems - previous she's swapped between the two. It has no effect and neither do Choco Bonbombs. The beast is morphing between a bear form for strength, a turtle for armour and a cat for speed.
Di-air gives Ascoeur another power-up kiss in the nick of time as she teleports the three of them out of danger. Now it's Q-feuille's turn, and she can now accurately predict the beast's movements. Oh.. but Di-air kissed the beast also ^^;
They defeat it by Ascoeur grabbing it, teleporting it straight up and dropping it on a load of bombs. What is this underground chamber? It is so immense you can't see the walls nor ceiling and filled with tall columns. A training facility? The beast now looks like an omurice. A pet for Di-air? Yes - as they leave their debriefing it is around her neck disguised as a purse. This must be "Tama" from the credits voiced by.. Norio Wakamoto (myuun!) ^^;

Q-feuille end.

Next episode: Suspicion of the Bureau Chief's office (局長室の疑惑 Kyokuchōshitsu no Giwaku). Why is Sommer dipping Hiver's glasses in coffee and licking them?


There's an article about the series in December's Comptiq and also an interview with the two leads in December's Newtype, as mentioned by the official site and the blogs of Yukari HIga, Aya Goda and Aya Uchida.

KIDDY GiRL-AND #05 -- Strange Directions (Tenka Seiha)


ok this episode rocked in soo many levels, the style, the battle sequences, and even the "graves" inside the building.

i loled when i red the "The women loved the sun. Alv Jenever" *snickers*

also, one small thing, ES-members really do have a last name? cus thats totally knew to me (or maybe it has something to do with Alv's past, no idea, though it would kickass if Éclair's last name was actually Montague XD even though she did used it as a fake name, wtvr)

and i guess i loled when that purse thing turned out to be the genetech beast after all "nyuuu~"

Havent been able to see the episode yet (anilinkz vid is broked :( ) but this post makes it sound very...weird
but in a good way :)
It makes me wonder what the "death" dates mean, however...I mean, we've already seen tweedledee and tweedledum, yet they both have death dates :(
noo, viola! she can't have died, she was too awesome :(
so, I'm not sure exactly what the dates mean (Plot advancements! How I love them!)and the "to heaven" bit baffles me further, but I think I'm definitley gonna watch this 'till the end :)
i like the characters, even if Ascoeur is rather...annoying at times
and q-fueille is actually seven years old :/
hmm...confusing stuff...

I wonder if Un-o and A-ou show up in the anime, aside from the epilogue
AND I WANT LOLI TWINS! If I don't get loli twins, I may cry :(


jesus christ, in one of the frames where Ascoeur's ability gets powered up aparently the animators forgot to paint (and draw the line) of Q-Feuille's outfit, in her left breasts

i just uploaded it¤t=titty.png



well i guess animators can make mistakes sometimes
i doubt it that it was on purpose

btw i just noticed the "HIGH BOLTAGE" rofl silly japanese

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