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Gocky Club: Winter Comiket

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The Gocky Club site has been updated. There's no real content as yet, but there is confirmation that the circle will return at Comiket 73 in December. Here's hoping for some Kiddy Grade 2 art and some more non-kamichu'd Gigantic Formula art.


Kiddy Grade reproduction douga for sale

If I read the news correctly, they are now selling numbered, limited edition reproduction douga (I believe I have the correct term..) taken from each of the three movies. They are sized 288mm×379mm and will go on sale in January, February and March of next year.
The catch is that they cost ¥12,600 each and appear to be only available through the chara-ani store - which is entirely in Japanese.
Love to have them though, to go with my settei collection.

Kiddy Grade Truth Dawn DVD update


Information has been added to the official site regarding the Truth Dawn DVD due out on the 21st of December.
Basic details are a run time of 93 minutes and 20 mins of extras, the usual linear PCM audio and 4:3 ratio. Price is ¥6000 (¥6300 including tax).
The booklet this time has actually now doubled to 16 pages, there are now two mouse pad stickers, and also an a "long" interview with Keiji Gotoh (presumably the aforementioned 20 mins).
The cover illustration, although not the actual cover itself, is also included on the above page.

In addition, after a bit of prompting, the DVD has now been listed on Yes Asia.

A page has been added to the Official site detailing the Savage Genius album "Sora no Kotoba", which features the new ending themes for Maelstrom and Truth Dawn, "Mou nido to" and "Anata no you desu". As mentioned previously, the release date is the 7th of November and there is a Limited Edition release including a DVD with footage from their performance at Anime Expo 2007. There are some video clips on the official Savage Genius site with comments on the songs and previews of the music videos.

Regular edition:

Special edition:

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