KIDDY GiRL-AND episode 4: Special babysitting mission


Ascoeur and Q-Feuille are given their first ES-member assignment - to look after a little girl named Di-air (Dear?). They swap their waitress costumes for their ES-member outfits - pretty sure this is the first time we've seen Ascoeur's in-series, and possibly the first time we've had a panchira shot of her too for that matter. Di-air is 7, she has no parents, so Ascoeur wants to adopt her as a little sister. She is hungry so Ascoeur goes off to fetch some food while she bonds with Q-feuille (who tells her she is also 7 an has no friends her own age.. right). Ascoeur gets jealous.

They go for a tour of the building. Di-air finds Alisa's stack of Yaoi manga behind the reception desk. One of the desk workers is looking at porn in work and has an immense nosebleed (where I worked you got fired for that). Now we go visit the security force who show off their muscles. In the coffeeroom Mi nourose is wearing a dreadful purple afro wig today. He/she/it likes 'em young. Di-air has never been outside or even seen the sun before so they take her outside.

We definitely seem to be stuck with Dr.Moro eyecatches for the long run here.

The buildings are blocking out the sky so they take her to a grassy area at the rear of the grounds as they are not permitted to leave the premises. Q-feuille doesn't like being called a tsundere, but suddenly her inner child breaks free and starts frolicking while an insert song plays - Sing a song (うたを歌おう♪ Uta wo Utaou), performed by the three girls. The child and the childish one both fall asleep, but then two suspicious girls arrrive, Ice maiden Saphir and beast-woman Rubis. Q-feuille completely fails to escape while Ascoeur engaged Rubis' claws, which are not only inpervious to her beam sword but also somehow shatter it. Saphir can create barriers and missiles out of ice. And stalagmites.It turns out they are not after Di-air however - they are the ones who sent the murder strip-o-gram to Hiver back in the first episode.

Despite (or because?) she is teleporting rather than running Ascoeur is tiring a lot faster than her opponent, who is winning as she's pegged that she can only teleport short distances and tends to telegraph her movements. Di-air wakes up and kisses the almost unconscious Ascoeur, they glow and she seems not only revitalised but powered up - she can now teleport even while holding Di-air and has figured out she can fire fast enough to hit Rubis by using her teleport on the needles themselves - and she is now using the exploding nano needles. Security arrives and the bad guys beat a hasty retreat, but not before Rubis has not only returned to normal but the clothes she shredded earlier are back.

Despite putting her in danger and being extremely inexperienced Ascoeur and Q-feuille are put in charge of Di-air - who is also an ES-member in potentia. She's clearly not Viola since she needed power from Cesario; she didn't dish it out.

Next episode is "Ghost of the GOTT" (GOTTの亡霊 GOTT no Bourei) which suggests some more continuity injection with the original series and is storyboarded, directed and supervised by Naoto Hosoda, who worked on a few episodes of the original series and drew this illustration - you can see his influence in Q-feuille's eyes in the preview.


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didnt see this episode yet but holy cow the screenshots look awsome, Ruby is cool man (her attacks remind me of Witchblade ahah)

and holy shit the screenshots from the next episodes are freakin kickass, wonder if Éclair and Lumi were really dead her spirits should defenatly show up ahah

but they're not!

ok just finished watching the episode, it was kickass
the fight between Ryubis and Ascoeur was just too awsome

and the preview was soo cool that i cant wait

about Q-feuille's age, everything's kinda makes more sense, i mean, its not like an ES-member would be given birth to like a normal human, soo Q-Feuille's (and maybe even Ascoeur) must be really 7 years old.

the question is, how are ES-members born, maybe in those weird capsules with green liquid ahah (just throwing ideas people, and i know you love them)

the story is not bad at all soo far, cant wait for epi 5

I was also wondering about the whole age thing with Q-feuille. Was she saying it just to comfort the kid or what? She seemed pretty serious. I haven't been able to get my hands on the manga (not that I could read it anyway) so I wasn't too sure.
It was a pretty fun episode, and I can't wait to get more into the show, next episode looks like fun though!

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