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The first episode of the web radio show "Touch & Go!" is now up on the Lantis site:
There's also new top image on the official site to commemorate this. As mention previously it stars the two Aya's and Shiraishi. This first episode is just under 50 mins long and parts of it are accompanied by video of them all sitting around a tangle of mics, the rest having an Evangelion-style "GTO 01 Sound Only" sign.

In other news, Norio Wakamoto has been promoted to the main cast list in his ongoing role as PoshePocket Tama.

Episode 6 is to be directed by Satoshi Oosedo with both Tomoyuki Abe and Takashi Mamezuka as Sakkan, but the storyboard artist is still TBA for some reason.


More odds and ends:
Both Aya's have posted a picture to their blog of them in cospay again - this time with wigs:

YesAsia have new cover art for the Kiddy Grade series Blu-ray box:

There are now six CDs showing on a search of AmiAmi. The two new ones are character song CDs for Ascoeur and Q-feuille. Both due out on the 10th of February 2010.

Gotoh just turned 41 and got a sheep pillow from the KG-A seiyuu:

Some new scans about:
Ascoeur as this November's calendar wallpaper at Tomokazu Sugimura Over Drive site (be warned - parts of site very NSFW)
Newtype article @ animepaper
Another magazine @animepaper (I recognise the layout style but can't remember which magazine it it)


More minor news - details on the two ED theme singles have finally been added to the Lantiis site:

TVアニメ『キディ・ガーランド』EDテーマ アスクール ver. 「太陽と月」
TVアニメ『キディ・ガーランド』EDテーマ ク・フィーユ ver. 「月と太陽」

Doesn't seem to actually reveal anything new though, and the 'b'-side is still TBA.

The two new character song CDs are listed on Amazon:
TVアニメ『キディ・ガーランド』キャラクターソング1 [Single] [Maxi]
TVアニメ『キディ・ガーランド』キャラクターソング2 [Single] [Maxi]

A bit of searching gives the product codes, LACM-4677 and LACM-4678.
They aren't up on Neowing or CDJapan yet, but it isn't hard to figure out where they will be when they are:


Interview with Keiji Gotoh added to the official site:
Since I've only seem a machine translation I'm not going to go into the contents in detail, but it discusses the reason for the sequel and for the changes between what was shown in the PV (described as being a version "1.5").
The interview took place at the studio itself and there's a photo of a coffee table with some colour settei and what look like some background prints on it.

Also, there's a Touch & Go! mug due out on the 17th of December for 840 yen. Animaxis are floggin it (not seen it elsewhere) but their order deadline is the 19th (in Japan, which is ahead of us)

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...That's Shirashi Minoru cosplaying isn't it? xD;

Brb loling for eternity.

Eclair looks a bit odd on that BD box cover.

@Shiroi Hane
Yeah I have, but I don't have problem with that art. It's just that on the BD box cover Eclair looks odd to me compared to Lumiere.

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