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Double Cast Dakimakura

A piece of news that I would have posted back when it broke were the site not also broke at the time, is that along with the Gocky Club 22 there is also going to be a Gotoh illustrated dakimakura (body/hugging pillow, link somewhat NSFW) cover on sale at the Summer Comiket (Comike 74 in August) featuring Akasaka Mitsuki, a character from the game Double Cast for which he was the character designer. I have not use for it, but I'll probably end up getting one anyway when I'm sourcing the doujin from Yahoo Auctions (hopefully from the same seller to save postage).


And if I'd just waited a day.. the Gocky Club site has been updated again with more information and larger pics (now even more NSFW). There look to be two different versions; the one on sale at the comiket is 9cm × 24cm (price to be determined) and the other one, priced 16800 yen, is 50cm × 160cm and has blood which the other one doesn't, but I'm not sure how it is to be made available.

Kiddy Grade box 2 images

It's a little late since the release date is already past (my copy was shipped out yesterday), but the official site has posted images of the 2nd DVD box. The image is, of course, the same as the one that was published ages ago but with a simply background, which is slightly different again to the one shown in July's Newtype. I'll put my own photo's up in on Picasaweb as usual once I have it in my hands, and update this entry (assuming I can, since I've been able to edit anything here for most of the last week due to server problems)


Kiddy Grade 2 in Animedia


As an update to my earlier post regarding a couple of magazines out this month featuring Gotoh illustrations, apparently I need to add a third Japanese magazine to my list of things to buy as there's to be some Kiddy Grade 2 illustrations in Animedia (one each of Ascule and Que Feuilles). My order from Amazon containing Newtype (and I'm doubly glad I got this now I know it has a Haruhi 2 article and cover as well) and Animage has already shipped, so I'm adding this to an outstanding order I have with HLJ, hopefully before they sell out.
I don't know if the Animedia images are drawn by Gotoh himself or not (the earlier Newtype poster was by Maiko Okada and the article was illustrated by Megumi Kadonosono) and In an odd twist, the aforementioned Newtype and Animage illustrations are confirmed as being not of Kiddy Grade, but rather Kuranai and Macross Frontier respectively. Also, there will be another Kuranai image in the August Megami (which I assume will go on sale sometime in July).
Source: Gotokei.

Sorry, been unable to update due to site problems. I have the magazine now and was a little dismayed to find that, while the illustrations are penned and signed by Gotoh, all you get is postage-stamp sized previews; the geniune article you have to send off for in what I assume is something of a lottery.

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