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Comment on comments

Just thought, having just turned up some valid comments from months ago that were lost in this blogs junk filter, I'd point our that all comments on this blog are moderated and may well not appear, if ever, or be replied to quickly since, due to the volume of spam comments, I have the filters turned all the way up and it takes hours either paging through deleting junk manually or running custom SQL queries to sieve out the valid comments (ironically, the only comments that make it through the junk filter are usually junk..)
For general comments or queries I would recomment visiting the forums rather than relying on comments.

In other news, Gotoh has put a now top image up on his site for the first time in over a year.

Higurashi no naku koro ni 14

Only just started watching the ep but wanted to jot down some notes. This will probably end up as another of my stream-of-consciousness style things, so gomen.

Trinity Blood episode 13


For the second half of the series they've changed to the 2nd verse of the opening theme "Dress" (ドレス), however they are still just using clips from the first few episodes for the opening sequence itself. No matter how well chosen the clips are it still seems lazy to me and annoyed me about Stellvia (which also used clips from the first episode only). I hope the DVD version gets a revamped OP.

Gad Guard DVD 1

Just got the first DVD (not seen any of this since the fansubs, and never did manage to get hold of the end of the series after it switched channels or whatever)
So far I have one question.. what's with "Messah Schmidt"??


I thought this was quite cool..

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