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The Novel

The novel arrived this morning. It contains all the chapters printed in Megami, although they've Engrished the titles for some reason, e.g. "Swiming Cloth" and "Porker Face" - I checked in the first relevant copy of Megami I could find before I left for work and "Poker Face" was definitely correct in that printing. They've also included single-page copies of all the posters and an epilogue that I think wasn't printed in Megami, but I'll have to check.
Also, the Obi lists Megumi Kadonosono as the character designer - the first time Meg's name has been specifically linked to Gemini Knives.

OK, it also states under the character profiles in the book that the character designs are by Megumi so that is confirmed. Another thing I've spotted in the epilogue section, "Relativity Relation", is the text "SC〇三五二年" which I assume means "Star Century 0352" - Star Century is the date scheme used in the Kiddy Grade universe so this may indicate some continuity between the two series (the KG anime starts around SC0328).

The subtitle of the book is 「C列の少女たち」 and it specifically says in the back of the book that the katakana reading for 「列」 is 「ファイル」 so that makes the title something like "C-File girls".

They mention someone called "Crawler" (クロウラー) quite a bit..not sure who it is but I think it might be their ship, as there's a line at the end of the prologue that reads something like "Kuro-chan, Warp please" (クロちゃん。 ワープよろしくねぇ) and also something about Crawler's cabin (《クロウラー号》の船室(キャビン))

And now, since my Japanese sucks, I'm going to list random bits and pieces that I have made out from the text (mostly katakana), for my own reference if nothing else.

Gambit (「G・M・B」(ガンビット)) - I think this is who Cocoon and Chrys and work for.

From the Prologue, Twin Pieces:
30cm (三〇センチ)
Cyborg (機械(サイボーグ))
Man-machine interface (マンマシンインターフェイス)
Partner (パートナー)
Warp (空間跳躍(ワープ))

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