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kiddy Grade re-runs

I can't remember if I mentioned this before, but since the news has been posted up on the official site to remind me thought I'd give it a mention. The original series is being repeated on AT-X starting the 28th of April:


The second episode is scheduled foth the 5th which means, if they keep showing an episode a week, that they will show the last episode some time around the end on the 6th of October by my reckoning. The optimist in me says that, like the movies and the box sets, this resurgence of interest in the original series is leading up to the broadcast of the sequel, but it is fairly safe to assume that this is not going to happen till after the original series has finished it's re-run at the earliest.

Kiddy Grade DVD box PV

A short promotional video for the forthcoming DVD boxes has been posted up on the relevant page of the official site . The only real thing of interest is what appears to be mockups of the boxes themselves with the images posted before against some sort of background. I can't take screencaps on this PC but when I can I'll post it below. The direct link to the video is http://www.kiddygrade.com/1/pv/kiddydvdbox.wmv.asx.


Kiddy Grade site update

The original Kiddy Grade site has been updated (for the first time since 2004, apart from the pulling of the BBS) with a new page detailing the boxes. There's nothing new to see there, but the the product pages on chara-ani (below) make note that the movies did very well, especially for a late night weekend showing, and that the K-G.2 pilot DVD sold 8000 copies.



Kiddy Grade box 2


Details on the second Kiddy Grade box are now up on Amazon Japan (not on CDJapan or Yesasia yet; I'll add the links when I have them)
Extras are another interview with Keiji Goto, another new sound layer (audio drama), a "Chevalier Chapter" with Norio Wakamoto this time, and a new jacket illustration by Megumi Kadonodono (presumably the one included below). As with the first box there are 7 discs (6 for the episodes and one for the extras) in a digipak.

Now listed on Yes Asia: kidhigureidobokkusu02shokai

Just had the following from CDJapan:

To secure your first press copy of any of the items listed
below, preorder on or before May 3.

Animation/Kiddy GradeDVD Box 2 [Limited Release] DVD
19000 yen US$180/105.38 Release Date:2008/06/27
Description:Second DVD box set from anime series "Kiddy Grade" includes episodes 13 through 24 on six DVDs plus one bonus DVD with director's interview and audio drama "Special Sound Layer 2."
URL - http://cdjapan.jp/d.html?KEY=KABA-4602


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