KIDDY GiRL-AND chapter 7: Pretty Attack

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Here's the latest chapter from December's Comp Ace:


They meet Letuchaia and Pauk for the first time who have gone out in disguise. They still have those energy bolo things at their fingertips from the pilot and cause an explosion, which they cover up by pretending to be bystanders and blame it on their underlings.
It looks like Dia will be introduced into the manga next chapter - Hiver was showing Ascoeur and Q-feuille to her from the office window.

There were a few other pages in the magazine as well as an illustration on the cover
itself (click the link above. There was also a couple of pages in December's Comptiq, and a double page spread in December's Newtype. There's also KIDDY GiRL-AND merch in the giveaway section of all three for those in Japan: they all had signed ADR scripts and copies of the blu-ray sets while Comp Ace also has a card.

In other news, Lantis has uploaded the coverart for the two ending theme singles:


-and no Kiddy Girl (ÆON Anime)

1 Comment

daww~ the covers are soo pretty c:>

and yay for chapter 7

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