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Gigantic Formula update

The site has been updated. New things are notice of a 40 page "Planning File" that will be made available at Comiket 71 (something else for me to scour yahoo auctions for when picking up Gocky Club) and there's also a new page with some character and seiyuu information (which unfortunately are kanji images which will take me a while to decipher) along with a streaming audio clip.
Ok, the names and seiyuu of the two girls pictured are:
Kamishiro Mana (神代 真名), 14: Satou Rina
Amano Utsumi (天野 卯兎美) aka Ucchii, 10: Yahagi Sayuri

Not only have I had no luck locating a copy of the Planning File on Yahoo auctions, but the information has now been removed from the site, along with the link to the character page, which is still there and thankfully was still in my browser history so the link is

Kiddy Grade Site

In the first update since 2004 there is an announcement that work will be carried out on the Kiddy Grade site between now and mid-January. It looks like it's just maintenance a server move, but at least it means that the site hasn't been completely abandoned and hopefully they will get the board working again as well. The fact that they've suddenly started paying attention to the site again now may mean they are looking towards updating the site in regards to the sequel, although Gotoh is already booked to work on Gigantic Formula so that still looks some way off, if it goes ahead at all (taking into account the tenuous amount information provided thus far and Gonzo's cancellation of Murdock Scramble)

Gemini Knives novel 2


I've been doing some more digging on the 2nd novel, since it was not listed on Amazon, and as soon as I turn something up elsewhere it suddenly appears on Amazon anyway..
The title is 「ジェミニ・ナイヴ 少女たちの遊戯盤」, which translates to something like "Gemini Knives: Girls' playing board", and it will be released on the 29th December 2006 (the same day as the release of the new Gocky Club at Comiket, although Amazon has it down for the 26th) priced at ¥578 and is also listed on the Gakken store along with a description and picture of the cover. For reference, the ISBN is 4059035130.

Gigantic Formula


A site has opened for a new show called Kishin Taisen Gigantic Forumula (機神大戦 ギガンティック・フォーミュラ), with the subtitle "Apo Mekhanes Theos" meaning Deus ex machina (i.e. God from the machine) in Greek. The gímik name isn't actually mentioned anywhere, but all three members are involved, with the addition of Koji Yabuno (Kamichu!) as Character Designer.

Gocky Club @ Comiket 71

From the latest update on it would appear that the Gocky Club doujin being released at Comiket 71 on the 29th December will have art from Gemini Knives. It would also appear a second novel is on the way, although there is no information given and it is not yet listed on Amazon.

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