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Trinity Blood episode 13


For the second half of the series they've changed to the 2nd verse of the opening theme "Dress" (ドレス), however they are still just using clips from the first few episodes for the opening sequence itself. No matter how well chosen the clips are it still seems lazy to me and annoyed me about Stellvia (which also used clips from the first episode only). I hope the DVD version gets a revamped OP.

Negima DVD 2 improvements


Couldn't detect any changes in episodes 5, 7 and 8, but episode 6 has had a complete overhaul to some scenes. One odd thing I've noticed is that eyes have more detail in wide shots in the TV version.

Negima DVD improvements


Not like it's not been done before, but here's my screenshot selection of DVD improvements for Negima, mostly from episode 2.

Negima DVD bug

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While checking out the new improvements on the first DVD I spotted a new error that has somehow crept in:

Negi's staff is no longer strapped to his back in this scene..
Now you see it.. ..now you don't.

..but it's back again in the next.
Now you see it.. ..and now you still see it.

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