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I now have my Kiddy Grade 2 Pilot DVD in my sweaty just-washed-so-they-won't-leave-greasy-finergrints paws.

Scans are going up at

Mistral is actually the ships name; the robot's name is Tifon (or something like that.. Typhon?). The new GTO boy's name is Zoma. To summarise the new characters (I'll tidy them up later when I've thought more about what they are supposed to be):

Ascule (アスクール Asukuuru)
Que Feuilles (ク・フィーユ Ku Fiiyu)
Hiver (イヴェール Iveeru)
Zoma (ゾマ)

Mistral (ミストラル Misutoraru)
Typhon (ティフォン Tifon)

Letuchie (リトゥーシャ Rituusha)
Pauk (パウーク Pauuku).

Now some things of note from the Continuity File:
Yes, those really are chocolate.
Ascule fires "nanoneedles" from her comb.
The mark on Ascule's thigh is just referred to as a shining rose tatoo, and her move simply as teleporting.
Adult Lumiere is drinking champagne.

Eclair's lines:

[edit]Added some settei capped from the DVD, under the cut.[/edit]

[edit=2]I've gotten around to scanning the Continuity File cover so I can now bring up another point: Like the Continuity Files for the first series the cover of this PV Continuity File has clockwise numbers as part of the design. The first time around these numbers were highlighted in sequence on the cover of each File, so assuming that this series will again have Continuty FIles with the LE DVDs and that they keep this design then we can also assume that there will be 12 DVDs, which also points to another 24 episode series.[/edit]

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More KG2 character names

Apologies in advance as this is more of a rant/whinge than a proper update, although I will add some new info at the end.

Anyway, I ordered two copies of the K-G.2 Pilot DVD well in advance and from different suppliers to be sure I had first press and had it in my hands as quickly as possible. Well, I hadn't figured on the bank holiday weekend coming at the same time so both parcels arrived yesterday. While no-one was at home. I arrive home after 10pm yesterday to find two missed delivery slips. One was for parcelfarce who said to pick it up today which my Father was willing to do for me while I was in work, the other was from dull who wanted to arrange redelivery. Since I was getting the one today anyway I arranged for DHL to redeliver on Friday when I'm off work. When I arrived home tonight I was informed that the parcel had not been there. Ho hum.

What did manage to arrive safely yesterday was a parcel from Archonia with June's Newtype Japan (along with some backissues of Megami and other mags they had that I didn't). As well as the poster which I mentioned in an earlier entry, there's also a review of the Pilot DVD and an ad for Maelstrom.

From what I can make out with a cursory scan the two enemies seen in the PV are named "Rituusha" (リトゥーシャ) and "Pauuku" (パウーク). I can see I'll be scratching my head over these for a while. I can also see the name "Mistral" (ミストラル misutoraru) which I take to be the name of heroine's mecha and "Iveeru" (イヴェール) which I believe refers to the lanky meganekko.

[edit]see next entry for updates and corrections[/edit]

My DVD copy hasn't arrived but I have.. borrowed (*ahem*) a copy in the meantime.
The clips from the Newtype video are all there, but with more context.
It begins with the Orbital Rim explosion, which actually involves Epilogue Eclair and Lumiere. Eclair is falling through space, seemingly unconscious and Lumiere yells her name (the only dialog for some time, most of the PV is set to some tense BGM). Donnerchlag-Re get's blown up. Eclair is rescued by Eclipse on the Calliope, and then demonstrates her G-class strength by catching and throwing an immense chunk of metal about to hit them. Armbrust does some showing off floating in the air, we see his case's guns in use for the first time and a bit of the Siegerum in action.
Then suddenly we're back ten years before the start of the first series with Lumiere, chibi Eclair (who seems to make a habit of kicking down doors), Maryann and Bran from the Pr. novels (see here and here), then Viper and Virago from the Vs. manga (see here). We seem to going through a potted history as then see both the main versions of Eclair and Lumiere from the original series in order, although in scenes not shown in the series itself including Lumiere creating what looks like a warp portal. Then a brief glimpse of Liquiy, Bonita and the new receptionist Fleur from the epilogue.
Now we're up to the new stuff with Que Feuilles and Ascule's guard robot, which looks to have been designed after a hippogriff/centaur, which fights with a snake-robot thing. Like that recent Newtype poster indicated, Ascule fights with a comb (of all things), firing the teeth like little exploding darts. Que Feuilles weapon, which I thought from the poster were stones, actually seem to be.. exploding chocolates (go figure).
We now go back onboard the Calliope with Eclair, Lumiere and Eclipse and have some more spoken lines (Ryoko and Aya are the only credited cast), one of which is Eclair's "Osoreru koto wa nai" which is also in one or two of the epilogues on the KG Sound Packs.
Now we have the bit with the warp gate, the Fenice (Viola and Cesario), and the Centurion (Dextera and Sinistra). There's an explosion on part of the warp gate and chunks fly towards the Fenice which disintergrates them (using Viola's power), but it is hit (from behind it looks like) and falls into the warp gate. Centurion splits into Unicorn-α and -β, both Dextera and Sinistra look hurt. Are we to believe they all die since they are not seen again in the PV?
Now we cut to Ascule fighting those two twins. That glowing tatoo on her thigh looks to be shaped like a rose and allows her to, well bamf basically. It doesn't look to be her just rapid movement, she's not moving fast when she disappears and comes out backwards, but looks to be a short-range/line-of-sight dislocation rather than Eclipse's quantum jump. Those little glowing balls by the twins fingers function like exploding energy bolas.
Now we're back with Epilogue Eclair and Lumiere again, Eclair is naked, glowing and falling down an energy column within the space elevator shaft from the start, her hair doing that whole Saiyan-thing (or so I've heard). She says something innaudible and then explodes. Lumiere looked to be back on Donnerchlag-Re, despite him seeming to blow up in what I assume to be earlier in this continuity, and he is presumably now vapourised anyway along with Lumiere given their proximity to Eclair when she gained critical mass.
Now we have the other new characters; the tall meganekko and the boy (who could possibly be Chevalier?), who appear to be partners.
It wouldn't be a Kiddy Grade preview without the odd imagery in the next few clips, followed by more short clips with the new and old characters (including A-ou, Un-ou, Tweedledee and Tweedledum) and the new leads' ship.
Finally we end with the group shot that started the internet preview, the text under the logo they stand under, which is for the Galactic Trade Organisation (GTO), reads "As it was in the beginning and now and ever shall be the world without End" (from the Gloria Patri.. I think someone's been watching too much Evangelion)
The end credits run to Junpaku Sanctuary.

Motherlode of caps under the cut.

K-G.2 - Kiddy Grade 2 Pilot DVD (Neko Mimi Mode)
Kiddy Grade II thread on Hentaishare forums. I'll let you find it yourself if you want to read it due to the adult nature etc.

FUNimation at ACEN

Couple of interesting tidbits from AoD's report from the FUNimation panel at Anime Central 2007:

"They are [also] looking at Kiddy Grade 2"

"I [Marc Lunden] asked about the possibility of licensing the Kiddy Grade compilation movies. At the time, Adam [Sheehan] responded that he didn’t know about them. Afterwards, I caught up with him and gave a brief description, and he mentioned that if it’s Kiddy Grade and Gonzo, FUNimation would definitely be interested in taking a look at them."

Kiddy Grade 2 Pilot DVD extras


Checking back at Amazon etc. more detail has been added regarding the release.

There's 4 minutes of bonus footage (sounds like it's just a slideshow of artwork like was included on the original Kiddy Grade PV) with audio commentary by Keiji Gotoh.
The first press release also includes a slipcover illustrated by Megumi Kadonosono and an 82-page conte booklet.
According to Neowing/CDJapan the video is 16:9 and the audio is Dolby 5.1

Just spotted the DVD for the first of the the Kiddy Grade movies on Amazon. Its due out on the 27th July 2007 for ¥6,300, although you can get it for ¥4,725 if you preorder from Amazon. Not listed on CDJapan yet or Yesasia yet (Yesasia still don't even have the KG2 PV unless its listed under some obscure mistranslation again). This time around we get an audio commentary (Yay! Better feature Aya!). The credits mention asread who, since they didn't work on the original, must have had some involvement in the new director's cut stuff. No cover artwork available yet. Also, according to CDJapan is is in widescreen, unlike the original series.

In other news, the first Gigantic Formula DVD is out on the same day for ¥6,090 (¥4,568 with discount). This one is on CDJapan. If I read the details correcly first press bonuses include a box (holding four DVDs) with artwork by Megumi Kadonosono, a character card(s) designed by the same, a mecha design card and a sound drama CD. Cover artwork is by Keiji Gotoh. Also in widescreen but only two episodes, which is a pity. I'll definitely be getting at least the first volume, for Meg's artwork if nothing else. Oh PS, both sites list is as Dolby stereo rather than LPCM.

The site has had an update. As well as adding a link to the trailer on the Newtype site, they're also advertising the May June* issue of issue of Newtype (Japan). which has a Kiddy Grade poster. I've had a copy for a few days that turned up on Futaba, but I didn't know where it came from. The poster itself features the two main characters, although it is drawn by Maiko Okada of asread rather than Megumi or Gotoh (although it does match Megumi's style fairly well). It looks kinda like the signature weapons this time will be a comb (for Ascule) and pebbles (for Que Feuilles) - the way she is using them reminds me of Inukami and Chrno Crusade.

* Edit: Actually, looks like there's an error on the Newtype site and it should be the June issue, unless this year has two Mays.

A trawl for new info on the net has turned up an AnimeNation News article about a 75s trailer which is now up on the Newtype site.

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