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gímik's Gemini Knives

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Looks like gímik are working on a new project: "Gemini Knives".

In the latest two Megami magazines I managed to obtain (July and August) the ubiquitous Gotoh posters are neither from Uta Kata or an original artwork but from something new called Gemini Knives that is copyright gímik.
There's an article inside the one issue and from skimming it I can gather that it is billed as a Sci-Fi action comedy and the main characters are Chrysalis and Cocoon.
They seem to be sticking to their usual formulae of two lead girls, one quiet and one boisterous and have returned to the Kiddy Grade format of one buxom girl (Chrysalis) and one loli (Cocoon).

It's unclear at the moment whether this is a new anime, just a novel or both,

I have a couple of low quality scans online now at:

Negima Episode 10 DVD Improvements


Here's a selection of screenshots to demonstrate the changes in Episode 10 on DVD Magic 3. As mentioned in the last entry, there didn't seem to be any changes in episode 9 and I've not watched episodes 11 and 12 yet. As usual these are only a representative sample of screenshots, I've left out ones that are pretty similar to these already included, and wideshots that don't show details well in small screenshots etc. There don't seem to be any specific errors fixed or added this time around, except I noticed in one shot that the highlights in Nodoka's hair were missing in the DVD version.

Negima DVD 3 Pactio Cards


Not finished the screencaps yet (currently halfway through ep 10, ep 9 has no discernable differences) but I do have some comments on the cards... basically they're disappointing.
Apart from not having SAMPLE stamped across them they are the same as the examples on the official site, which I had previously assumed were incomplete preview versions. They're nicely draw, don't get me wrong, but they are missing elements from normal pactio cards:
There's no 'title' (e.g. Bellatrix Sauciata on Asuna's card).
The Virtus and Directio lines are missing (replaced with an alphanumeric string).
The words tonus and astralitas are missing from the top right and bottom left.
The colour (tonus) has been replaced with a month.
The astrological symbol is missing, with the name in the circle instead.
The romanization (literally in the case of the cards since they're written in latin) is different - following the style of the the previous cards I would have expected Akashi Yuuna to be written something like Acasi Juuna, Aisaka Sayo to be Aisaca Sajo and Ookouchi Akira to be Oocouti Acira (not sure how they romanize long o's since there's no precident and I don't know enough about latin spelling and pronunciation to figure it out myself).
I can only assume that this is because these cards are, so far, anime exclusive - they have not appeared in the manga or been included with CDs yet - and that Akamatsu simply hasn't written the full text for the cards yet and indeed wasn't involved in the making of them at all since they weren't even drawn by him but by the anime character designer, Katou Hatsue.
[edit]Corrected error (see comments below) and added name of the illustrator which I hadn't gotten around to figuring out at the time.[/edit]

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