KIDDY GiRL-AND episode 6


The mystery storyboard artist turns out to be Kakeru Mima, the character designer of Kannagi.

Hiver and Sommer are making out in her office. Not sure why he has his little Black Box open.

Part A: Suspicions about the Chief's office

Di-air has been roped into working inthe coffee room also. A call comes in for a delivery to the Chief's office, asking for the trio in particular so they think they're going on a mission. Hiver is more than a little.. flustered when they arrive - it wasn't her that called them (so that's what he was doing). Sommer is the daring type as he fondles Hiver's hair in front of them. Eclipse would never act this cute.
The trio are suspicious of him so.. they form a huddle in the middle of the corridor, then go back to eavesdrop (see - if they'd kept the armed guards, double security doors and reception area these things couldn't happen.) The doors are too thick to hear through though so Ascoeur get's a boost from Di-air and teleports the behind the curtain where they can see the two kissing - and I think not only does Sommer know they are there but he is enjoying it. The two older girls are blushing and fiidgetting while watching but Di-air just blurts something out loud so they quickly port out. And straight back again. Here's the bit with the glasses in the coffee - Sommer is talking provocatively on purpose. Ascoeur get's so embarassed she jumps back to the coffeeroom - accidentally leaving the other two stranded. She then returns but misjudges and lands right in front of them but they are otherwise occupied and don't even notice. By this time Hiver is topless and they get so worked up that their voices start to raise and they are discovered - although whrere they are standing they would have been seen if the had just turned around anyway ^^;
I never thought I'd describe Hiver as cute but.. I still don't like her outfit design but she's only wearing half of it anyway. Smooth talking Sommer is now trying to bluff their way out. with playing cards? No-one would fall for this as a magic trick.. except these three of course. And it was't a kiss - he was giving her a 'power up' like Di-air. He gives them both a peck on the cheek and Di-air on her forehead. Ascoeur isn't feeling any powered-up, but it wasn't on the lips, right?

Part B: "Say you!"

Our trio are off duty in some sort of café with Belle and Alisa where a couple of guys in the background appear to be recording voiceovers for a couple of gay ninjas on a wallscreen. They're in "Say You Cafe: Beyond Loads" (I'm guessing "Say You" is a pun on "seiyuu" - do such café exist in Japan?). Ascoeur is tackling a triple layer strawberry shortcake all be herself. It is some sort of theme café for girls with bishy waiters who are aspiring to be seiyuu. "お嬢様じゃないもん!ディアだもん!" . I don't think Tama like's this guys attention to Di-air. I don't think I do either for that matter.
Oh, here's Shiraishi playing himself again. Please don't let him sing! Too late. Belle puts him in his place. Sign on the wall reads "Mass Destlacshon". It looks like you can give them scripts to perform, and Alisa has one she prepared earlier. But here does the footage come from? Shirashi's character comes back to a classroom for something he forgot and interrupts an illicit liaison between a male teacher and student. You can guess what he's singing, right?
Ascoeur is on her seconds (i.e. another enormous wedding cake). Meanwhile, Di-air seems to survive on nothing but milk. Tama is still jealous and steals a kiss - this could get ugly. Or pretty.. boy. Has Wakamoto ever voiced a bishie before? His eyes are purple rather than the usual red but he has green hair. Unfortunately he doesn't know how to say anything other than his name - but he knows how to please the girls - and p*** off the other hosts, who give him something suspicious to drink. Now this could end badly. It's a laxative - when it fails to have the desired effect the other guy licks a drop off his finger and immediately has to run to the men's room. Tama goes hulk and destroys the building. Shiraishi, afuro! It's OK though - Ascoeur rescued some cake and Alisa knows of a good BL café.

Another special ending - sung by Norio Wakamoto and illustrated by Dr.Moro.

Next episode:憧れの2人 akogare no futari - they go on a mission with Trixie and Troy and go up against a couple of bishies enough like Dextera and Sinistra to make them Torch and Shade.


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y'know the horrible thing of all of this? its that ppl will be making disgusting doujins after this

and its stupid, making these unnecessary pairings... and they even show yaoi, what the hell, all i ask if for some eclumi action damn it >:C

im not offending the fans of these new pairing, whoever they are, all im saying is i want some yuri action god damn, and Dia's kisses DONT COUNT

ok first time i saw Torch and Shade, i was like "male versions of Éclair and Lumière, ok ima outta here."

think ya could share the doujin link? eh eh? *nudgenudgewinkwink*

ohh what the hell, i know this one for ages, ahah i was talking about doujins of KGA, heh thought it was a bit awkward that people would be making them soo soon

well thanks anyways mate

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