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Gocky Club site

I've just noticed a link on gotokei.com to a new Gocky Club site that is apparently "coming soon". Whether it is a replacement for the old site or another fan site like gotokei.com itself I'm not sure, but Kano certainly seems to be involved since the banner on her site has artwork that is not on the site itself and both domains appear to be using the same registrar and host.
[edit]Just realised - it is listed in the official section of the links page, so it apparently will be an official site of some description then.

The final Kiddy Grade movie DVD is now listed on Amazon, with a release date set for the 21st of December. Not up on CDJapan or Yes Asia yet, I'll add the links when I have them. Includes the usual 8-page booklet and Kadonosono-illustrated mouse pad cover sticker thingy, no mention of any on-disc extras that I can see.

Yes Asia

Kiddy Grade Maelstrom


The DVD is still in the post so no scans, but I've had a look at a "preview" copy of the movie.
Basically, not much to say really. It covers episodes 12-18, from the purge order until the 'new' eclair and Lumiere reveal their identitied. There's only one short new scene, presented in a few parts, which shows some of the regeneration process. The editing is at least a lot more coherent that with the first movie. Again the SFX have all been redone, and I think there might be some tweaked scenes and one or two new space shots but I need to check against the original discs to confirm.
Anyway here are the screenshots.

What I wasn't expecting was the new Savage Genius ending theme - I knew Truth Dawn was getting a new song but I didn't realise Maelstrom was also (however looking at the CD Japan listing for the forthcoming Sora no Kotoba album again it does clearly say there are two new themes). This song is もう二度と (Mou nido to), which I think translates to "never again".

Tomorrow night I will be checking a couple of things against the original version and working out how the timing breaks down between episodes.

[added]I thought so - there were a couple of changes to the nudie bit in episode 12, and also a new shot of the La Muse.

[added later]Still haven't finished this article, gomen; been both busy and stuffed up.

[added even later, 11th Oct]DVD finally made it through the UK postal system. Not scanned anything yet, but have some snaps mixed in with other stuff here.

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