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I've not yet verified the information (I'm in work and the moment I found out the lines suddenly got busy) but Moonphase is reporting that the KIDDY GiRL-AND anime is scheduled for October. Via NeoSam@Animesuki.

I will provide updates here as an when.

The upcoming anime listings page on the main Moon Phase site now has the October date pencilled in.

Related sites with no updates when last checked:
Gotoh's site and blog

Google has some useful new search functions:"kiddy girl-and"&tbs=rcnt:1キディ・ガーランド&tbs=rcnt:1"kiddy grade"&tbs=rcnt:1

Reminding myself to monitor the alien chatter at 2ch.

A new magazine scan has just been added to Bears a Gotoh illustration and looks like a Megami page.Can't see any dates mentioned.

Oh, and another one, this time clearly from Newtype. Again, cannot see any mention of October.

[update 20090812]

OK, folding in a few small updates here:

News update on the official site:
Basically just says that work is progressing on the anime and that there is an acticle in November's Newtype. Probably the one I linked earlier.

Stuff I tweeted yesterday:

The KIDDY GiRL-AND pure manga wil be released in tankoubon form on the 26th of September priced at 609円: (ISBN 978-4-04-715298-4)

Gotoh has released details of his doujin for Comiket 76 in a couple of days; it will be another genga collections, this time mostly from Macross Frontier, and with a wraparound Ruri-Ruri lingerie cover: (link almost certainly NSFW)

(would you believe I started this update three hours ago nad work has gotten in the way)

OK, another bit of news off the press: according to Ami Ami the Kiddy Girl-and opening theme CD single will be released on the 21st October for 1200円, both title and artist to be determined.


[update 20090815]

Thanks to a Japanese Wiki for the series I have what is probably the Amazon page for the single, which they are calling a maxi single.

Still nothing for it under October on the Lantis site but I'm pretty sure the code is LACM-4656.


[update 20090822]

The single is now listed on Neowing, but not yet on CDJapan.

The Kiddy Grade Ignition page is now live on Newtype Channel.

The Ami Ami page for the OP CD mentions Bandai Visual, and I don't remember it doing so before.

Now for the big news: according to a post on 2ch the opening theme will be performed by Uchida Aya as Q-Feuille and Mina as Ascoeur.


[update, same day but at a more sensible hour]

The manga is now available to preorder on Amazon Japan

The seiyuu news has been picked up by Moon Phase Zakki


[update 20090823]

And just to confuse things further, the KIDDY GiRL-AND wiki seems to be naming two different seiyuu, this time citing and early copy of Comp Ace:

Ascoeur: Shizuka Hasegawa
Q-Feuille: Kaoru Mizuhara

(both were in lucky Star, as Yutaka and Misao respectively, and Kaoru was also Yomi in Ga-Rei - which Gotoh worked on)


[update 20090824]

There's a couple of blurry spyshots from October's Comp Ace on the wiki (new outfits for the twins), and the second set of names has been removed.

Tthe CDJapan link above is now live. Neither the CD nor the manga are on Yesasia yet.


[update 20090827]

OP single cd now available for pre-order on Yes Asia.


KIDDY GiRL-AND new magazines

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Received three magazines from Japan today and all have something KG-related. I only had time to take a few quick snaps this morning but here's what I have:

September's Comp Ace, KIDDY GiRL-AND pure chapter 5 (still haven't got a copy of ch4).

Un-ou and A-ou have appeared:

As have Letuchie and Pauk:

There's a quarter page on the anime in Nyantype volume 2 :

Which reveals a new domain name, (although it goes to the same place as

And I finally got July's Newtype with the article that has already been scanned and posted online, but a took a few pictures anyway.


The latest update to the official Kiddy GiRL-and site indicates that this July's Newtype Channel "Monthly SPECIAL" is about Kadokawa. The page is at but I had trouble getting the actual ebook to open until I open the flash file directly at
Among unrelated items it contains a page of Character information for the series (page 1) and also a reproduction of the first chapter of the Kiddy GiRL-and pure manga (pgs 11-39).

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