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Kiddy Grade on Gaia

FUNimation, in it's continuing promotional relationship with Gaia Online that started with Tsubasa, has released the first two episodes of Kiddy Grade to Gaia Cinemas. Obviously you need a Gaia account, but if you do you can watch the episode in all their postage-stamp glory with other fans from around the world (or, possible, with a room of non-fans who turned up just to throw rotten tomatoes at the screen).
You can view the original annoucement here.

Some blogs in other timezones have already picked up on this:
Will Phantom Blade Make the Kiddy Grade? (
(There are a couple of others, but one I had to close I'm at work and it had naked or at least scantily-clad ladies on it, and the other consists of nothing other than the link)

Latest links dump:
Gaia Online Streams 2 Full Episodes of Kiddy Grade (Anime News Network)
Online Community, Gaia now streaming Kiddy Grade anime (ANN forums)

Kiddy Grade movie site update

The official site has been updated since yesterday.
They now have some screenshots (apart from the title logo there is only one that I specifically do not recognise) and information on the Maelstrom DVD (cannot see anything that we didn't already know).

new links:
Kiddy Grade Director's Cut I: Ignition (AnimeOnDVD forums)
Kiddy Grade Ignition: Memories of (somewhat) old classic (Richard's Anime Reviews)

Kiddy Grade Truth Dawn ending theme

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I've found out from Kano's site that there is to be a new ED theme for the third movie Truth Dawn by Savage Genius (Uta Kata OP/ED and a number of other anime since). The title is 「あなたのようです。」 which, being in Hiragana I can transcibe easily enough ("Anata no Yō desu"), but with no Kanji to indicate meaning all I know is that it means something like "It is your Yō." The online translator I use reckons it to be "It seems to be you."


I missed a couple of updates on the official site while I was away on holiday, but there were all about what guests will be at the Truth Dawn showings in September.

Other new stuff since last update to last entry:
Kiddy Grade 2 Pilot episode (Livejournal KG community)
Kiddy Grade movie (

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