Kiddy Grade box 2


Details on the second Kiddy Grade box are now up on Amazon Japan (not on CDJapan or Yesasia yet; I'll add the links when I have them)
Extras are another interview with Keiji Goto, another new sound layer (audio drama), a "Chevalier Chapter" with Norio Wakamoto this time, and a new jacket illustration by Megumi Kadonodono (presumably the one included below). As with the first box there are 7 discs (6 for the episodes and one for the extras) in a digipak.

Now listed on Yes Asia: kidhigureidobokkusu02shokai

Just had the following from CDJapan:

To secure your first press copy of any of the items listed
below, preorder on or before May 3.

Animation/Kiddy GradeDVD Box 2 [Limited Release] DVD
19000 yen US$180/105.38 Release Date:2008/06/27
Description:Second DVD box set from anime series "Kiddy Grade" includes episodes 13 through 24 on six DVDs plus one bonus DVD with director's interview and audio drama "Special Sound Layer 2."



Wait, is it suppose to really be a new series? Or is it pretty much just Kiddy Grade but compressed into movies? I am still confuse about this. Anyway, it's been a long time since I last talk to you. Remember me? I use to go on your forums. YOu probably remember me more as Enternal on Minitokyo. Well, please stop by and say hello sometimes on MT.

Hi, yes I do remember you:)
This particular entry is regarding the upcoming re-release of the original series (in Japan) as two box sets. The movies are something different again, and the new series is still vapourware at the moment.

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