Kiddy Grade 2 in Animedia


As an update to my earlier post regarding a couple of magazines out this month featuring Gotoh illustrations, apparently I need to add a third Japanese magazine to my list of things to buy as there's to be some Kiddy Grade 2 illustrations in Animedia (one each of Ascule and Que Feuilles). My order from Amazon containing Newtype (and I'm doubly glad I got this now I know it has a Haruhi 2 article and cover as well) and Animage has already shipped, so I'm adding this to an outstanding order I have with HLJ, hopefully before they sell out.
I don't know if the Animedia images are drawn by Gotoh himself or not (the earlier Newtype poster was by Maiko Okada and the article was illustrated by Megumi Kadonosono) and In an odd twist, the aforementioned Newtype and Animage illustrations are confirmed as being not of Kiddy Grade, but rather Kuranai and Macross Frontier respectively. Also, there will be another Kuranai image in the August Megami (which I assume will go on sale sometime in July).
Source: Gotokei.

Sorry, been unable to update due to site problems. I have the magazine now and was a little dismayed to find that, while the illustrations are penned and signed by Gotoh, all you get is postage-stamp sized previews; the geniune article you have to send off for in what I assume is something of a lottery.


That's a bummer about the autographed images. :-/

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