Gocky Club 22

The Gocky Club site has had a bit of a redesign. The only new thing, except maybe a couple of new banners, is that Gokikura 22 will be out in August 2008 (At comiket 74 in other words). The (provisional) title is Gocky Colour 02, which means it will likely be full colour again like Gokikura 14 (aka Gocky Colour 01). I've never actually scanned the cover of that one (it is on Minitokyo and has Eclair on the front, Lumiere on the back and "keep out!" tape) but I do have a scan of Manatsu from the inside cover.
In other news, they are showing re-runs of Kiddy Grade on AT-X starting on the 28th of April.


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