New Gotoh illustrations

I wasn't initially going to make an entry for this, but I figured what the heck.
Gotoh's last blog entry mentions that he's doing new illustrations for both NewType and Animage, (probably) for the volumes due out in June - I believe that is the July edition in both cases. That's about all I can make out and I don't know what series (if any) they are for (if anyone bothers reading this and happens to also be able to translate feel free to comment..)
It would be nice if they were illustrations for KG2 (indicating that it is still in the pipeline), but they may be for the original Kiddy Grade (what with the recent TV showing and DVD re-releases) or even something else altogether.

--edit June 13th--
As it turns out, something else.
Newtype: Kurenai article - page 1, page 2
Animage: Macross Frontier - page 1, page 2

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