More KIDDY GiRL-AND character CDs


As well as the two character songs CDs for Ascoeur (Aya Uchida) and Q-feuille (Aya Gouda) due out on the 10th of February (LACM-4677 and LACM-4678), AmiAmi is now listing two new character song CDs due out on the 24th of february:

KIDDY GiRL-AND Character Song 3: Di-air (Yumeha Takahashi) & TAMA (Norio Wakamoto)
KIDDY GiRL-AND Character Song 4: Alisa (Mai Aizawa), Belle (Chika Horikawa) & Ni nourose (Minoru Shiraishi)

Don't have product codes for them yet as AmiAmi never provides them.

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