KIDDY GiRL-AND Episode 9: Memorial Ceremony


My, this is familiar, large crowd before a stage.. hopefully they spelt their name right this time. A-ou eating pocky ^^;
Why are they wearing desk clerk uniforms? "Look, there's that haunted house!" Ascoeur really is in a world of her own ^^;
Torch and Shade are disguising themselves with.. shades, and the worrying thing is, it's working. You'd think they'd have facial recognition security in place wouldn't you?
Q-feuille's still suffering from headaches.
There's an good idea - get all the primary targets together in one place. Nothing can possible go wrong, right?
Giant holographic Gaktoel (what is that supposed to be? Possible related to that eagle-like emblem but I can't figure it out).
Ascoeur wants to go after the bad guys but Troisienne says to look after the guests and leave it to them. Tweedledee cannot get through to security. So she tries erasing the hologram with her brother, but as it is created with an ability this fails but A-ou can see who is doing it and manages to contact security somehow and send them their way. Shade injects an illusion directly into the chief's eyes like he did with Trixie in episode 7, making him see a giant beast. Then all the others, causing them to fire towards the civilians, which Gackt spins as the GTO trying to eliminate anyone who has heard what G-Society had to say and sends drop pods full of soldiers to "protect" them.
A-ou and Un-ou (still using his bowcaster) catch up with Torch and Shade who cry foul and run away theatrically. How Starwars - the good and bad grunts get colour coded laserguns.
How many years has Tweedledee been telling Tweedledum off for calling her "nee-san"? You think one of them would have given up by now.
Trixie calls for Rafale, who either has seriously good hearing (if he can hear her across a vacuum like in ep 7 or from orbit or wherever he was this time) - or a comlink, which makes the shouting unnecessary.

Another amusing eyecatch.

OK, Tweedledee's handheld lightning bolt is cool.
And.. Hiver is still just standing there on-stage, seemingly unmolested. Shouldn't someone at least be firing in her direction by now?
Saphir and Rubis make their entry by icing a squad of security bots.
Lightning whips are excellent weapons against savage beasts. But less so against ice-wielders as Saphir somehow reflects it back on her using superconductivity.
Not even A-ou's eyes can pierce Shade's illusion, but when combined with Un-ou's ears on the other hand.. becomes a liability when Letuchaia uses her Crazy Cracker like harp strings to create sound waves, while Pauk to use his to blow him up.
Ascoeur wants to go and help but Q-feuille wants to follow orders. "We may be trainees but we're still ES-Members!"
A-ou has rescued Un-ou who is at least unconscious and is facing off against Letuchaia and Pauk when Ascoeur fires some exploding needles at them, which Pauk blocks. He can also block her beam sword - but not whatever Trixie just threw at them, a spinning vortex thing which she now uses to create a cage. She also takes out Torch and Shade - but it was just their illusions.
Tweedledum is still failing to hit Rubis. And sacrifices himself when she goes after his sister, followed by her flogging his back, until Troisienne freezes him in time, followed by Rubis' arm and leg and Saphir's ice spears, driving them off. Letuchaia and Pauk also escape their trap by digging down. Troisienne is now at the limit of using her G-class powers but Gaktoer won't leave them alone now - both Trixie and Troisienne find roses protuding from their chests and fall to the ground. Followed soon after by both Triumph and Rafale, who collides with the ill-fated GOTT building.
Trixie and Troisienne are now both lying in pools of their own blood, dying, while Ascoeur and Q-feuille cry rather than trying to help and Di-air just watches silently.
Oh, Triumph steals the show with his - "Akanbei, Ascoeur".

Episode 10: (生きていた、2人 Ikiteita, futari)
(I sometimes wish Japanese didn't leave so much implicit)
Di-air bathing with a Norio Wakamoto rubber duck. And out walking in a cute outfit. To be both storyboarded and directed by Kei Oikawa, director of Minami-ke Okaeri and Betsubara.

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So am I the only one who found "crazy cracker" hilarious?

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