KIDDY GiRL-AND DVD release schedule


Thanks to AmiAmi we have the release schedule for Limited/Regular edition KIDDY GiRL-AND DVDs:

KABA-6401/KABA-6501: 2010-01-29
KABA-6402/KABA-6502: 2010-02-12
KABA-6403/KABA-6503: 2010-02-26
KABA-6404/KABA-6504: 2010-03-12
KABA-6405/KABA-6505: 2010-03-26
KABA-6406/KABA-6506: 2010-04-09
KABA-6407/KABA-6507: 2010-04-30
KABA-6408/KABA-6508: 2010-05-14
KABA-6409/KABA-6509: 2010-05-28
KABA-6410/KABA-6510: 2010-06-11
KABA-6411/KABA-6511: 2010-06-25
KABA-6412/KABA-6512: 2010-07-09

Animate provides the schedule for the Blu-rays:

KAXA-1701: 2010-03-26
KAXA-1702: 2010-04-30
KAXA-1703: 2010-05-28
KAXA-1704: 2010-06-25
KAXA-1705: 2010-07-30
KAXA-1706: 2010-08-27
KAXA-1707: 2010-09-24
KAXA-1708: 2010-10-29

Rather surprisingly they are releasing the DVDs two volumes a month so by the time the first Blu-ray volume is released in March the DVDs will be up to episode 10, and the final volume also comes out three months later.

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*Estimates an apporximate cost of 12 limited editions (as there's now way I could bring myself to double dip at this point)* D:
Well, all I can say is I hope lists these as soon as possible so I can start grouping them into other shipments to save as much as possible on shipping~!
But hopefully in the next 4 or 5 weeks and subsequent 4 or 5 episodes, we'll be able to see more of the story fleshed out ,and I'll be able to sleep peacefully at night with these on order. ^.^

Well, well. Now having the two prices to compare to eachother, I think I'm going to have to stick with amazon after all. Contrasting the two against eachother, I find amazon: ¥6,884 (total with shipping) // yesasia: $83.99 USD. So while, ¥2000 shipping might seem outrageous, the discounts and lower prices appear to still stay ahead in the long run. (Throw 2 volumes in the same order and only another ¥300 in shipping) ^.^ Soo~, I'd have to say amazon wins in my case at least.

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