KIDDY GiRL-AND database update


The KIDDY GiRL-AND official site database has (finally) been updated with information on some of the new characters

Di-air - 7-year-old companion of Ascoeur and Q-feuille and ES-member apprentice apprentice. Her special ability is called "A-quare" (エイ・キュア ei kyua)

T.A.M.A - stands for "Trial-type of Assemble-system & Multipurpose Automata", a Gene-tec beast that can transform into anything. A mascot character usually disguised as Di-air's pochette until transformed by her kiss.

Trixie - Ascoeur's sempai and one of the strongest ES-members, a cheerful older sister-type adored by everyone. Her ability "Power-S" (パワーズ Pawaazu) allows her to manipulate space.

Troisienne - Trixie's partner and one of the strongest ES-members. Mature and gentle but with an unexpected childish side, her ability "Particle-T" (パーティクレットpaatikuretto) allows her to manipulate time.


Why are Trixie and Troisienne's abilities named "Power - [letter]" and "Particle - [Letter]"? That's just suspicious as all hell. I'm really getting more and more into the show though and am happy to see it finally moving forward. Though now I'm with you and wondering what they did with the actual opening animation. Maybe they only wanted to make one and it was just too spoilerific to put in just yet? ie. we won't see it until Eclair and Lumiere come back?


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