KIDDY GiRL-AND Pure chapter 8: Pretty Girl

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Comp Ace January 2009 brings with it KIDDY GiRL-and Pure chapter 8: Pretty Girl (ぷりてぃ☆ガール puriti gaaru), and a 7 on the anime including a short interview with the two Aya's and a picture of them in cosplay.

Di-air is suddenly already a member of the team and this chapter is mostly Letuchaia trying to get info out of Di-air, who just wants to be friends with her - she learns their real names (although I think the codenames will be sticking around still) and that they are apprentice ES-Members (they didn't even know that much?). Ascoe and Q-ueille come back and see them with the three stooges so the cat is pretty much out of the bag there and things get a little heated so the baddies make a quick getaway.

And, I guess I should have seen it coming, but Di-air is Nekopantsu ^^;

There's also some bigger versions of the ED CD cover are on the on the official site.

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