KIDDY GiRL-AND episode 8: G-Society


Oh my, Di-air has a tail - evidently she's wasn't already cute enough, or they wanted to tick some more fetish boxes after they added lolicon and voyeurism. Well, she already had prehensile ears. And she's.. washing Tama in the kitchen sink. Doesn't look like the other two have tails, but Q-Feuille's face seems rather off-model. It's time for the 25th anniversary even that was mentioned a couple of episodes back. OK, I lied - they have tails. And we have A-ou and Un-ou in the flesh at last. Un-ou still dresses like a girl - he even has thigh-highs and elbow gloves. A-ou has mummy hands. They are working on the security details for the anniversary in the stead of the twins who are off on a mission, and are having trouble getting their RSVP from two important guests so Troisienne and Trixie offer to help out.

Lots and lots of spaceships around an immense spacestation that looks like something out of Transformers and has four warp gates built into it. Rubis and Saphir are all dressed up. What is that accent anyway? I think I just heard Nouvlesse - guess they are still around then. Loli shower scene for Letuchaia - so reminiscent of Lumière's from Day/Off. She's such an ojou-sama she has a servant to dress her. Pauk snatches her away with his finger bola things out of jealousy. They are Nouvlesse and Pauk seems to share Tweedledum's sister complex. Yes, definitely. Letuchaia has a bad habit of multiplying things as she does from the manga. And, link to Torch and Shade confirmed.
They are also referred to as ex-police - another hint to them being Sinistra and Dexera?

Pauk and Letuchaia are G-Society Shadow Workers and treated like royalty, this whole place and all those amassed ships beloing to G-Society so it is no little terrorist cell, and they are descendants of the Nouvlesse. Everyone else is wearing masks like something out of Eyes Wide Shut, and among them are the very two that A-ou and Un-ou have been looking for, Basil and Arnice. All the Shadow Workers, Torch, Shade, Saphir and Rubis get standing ovations - Isn't that Shiraishi as the MC? Letuchaia doesn't like sharing the spotlight.. but there's also some top dog that even she looks up to, ガクトエル. Gakutoeru? Gactoelle?

He's the blonde guy who we got just a glimpse of in the preview for this episode, although we don't see much more now and don't hear him speak. Letuchaia worships him. And that is a heck of a light show - the ships they lost last episode were but a drop in the ocean. Letuchaia makes an speech, about how her grandparents were thrown out on the streets when the Nouvlesse were deposed by the GOTT. The writing around the G-society logo is "Great-Earthlian, Gem of the Galaxy, Grandchildren of Gaia, Guardians's Garden". In the words of Tweedledee, they're not humans, they are Earthings.

Ooh, dissent from the ranks. He's got a short life expectancy. And a white rose in his mouth. This is clearly going to get messy - Pauk has covered Letuchaia's eyes. Now a red rose appears protruding from his chest. It exsanguinates him then drops to the floor producing a rose-shaped pool of blood. What a poetic way to go. G-Society's targets are Hiver and all the ES-members (and they have bugged the GTO), although it looks like mere trainees didn't make the list.

Trixie and Troisienne return with the answer for A-ou and Un-ou - which is somewhat concerning since we know the respondents have been otherwise occupied. Trois and Q-feuille both get a simultaneous headache.

Episode 9: Memorial Ceremony (記念式典 Kinen Shikiten) - minna faito! Looks to be a definite turning point since Gotoh is returning to storyboard this one himself. Again, a worrying face from Trixie at the end that could be foreshadowing or a red herring.

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