KIDDY GiRL-AND insert song collection


Details of the mystery CD due out on the 23rd of December (LACM-4683) have been revealed - it is an insert song CD featuring the two special ED songs, the insert song from the episode Di-air is introduced and the Pumpkin Pudding song (^^;)

1. Magical Sakura-chan (マジカルサクラちゃん Majikaru Sakura-chan) [ep 3 ED theme]
Lyrics by: yozuca*, Composed by: Shunryuu, Arranged by: Takahiro Andou, Performed by: Q-feuille & Troisienne (Aya Gouda & Yukana
2. Sing a song (うたを歌おう♪ Uta wo Utaou) [ep 4 insert song]
Written and composed by: yozuca*, Arranged by: Hijiri Anze, Performed by: Ascoeur, Q-Feuille and Di-air (Aya Uchida, Aya Gouda, and Yumeha Takahashi)
3. A dream is still OK (夢でもいいさ Yume de mo ii sa) [ep 4 insert song]
Lyrics by: yozuca*, Composed by: Shunryuu, Arranged by:Takahiro Andou, Performed by: Tama (Norio Wakamoto)
4. Pumpkin Pudding Song (カボチャプリンのうた Kabocha Pudding no uta)
Written and composed by: Minoru Shiraishi, Arranged by: Tomoki Kikuya, Performed by: Ascoeur (Aya Uchida)


Decembers' calendar wallpaper from Sugimura Tomokazu on his Overdrive site (NSFW) is Di-air.
He also illustrated an onsen poster (NSFW) for January's Megami.
There's also a bikini poster (borderline NSFW) in Nyantype volume 4 (artist unknown).

The Kiddy Grade TV series Blu-ray set is already sold out at ] and CDJapan lists it as OOP.

KIDDY GiRL-AND Chapter 8, coming in January's Comp Ace, is entitled "Pretty Girl" (ぷりてぃ☆ガール Puriti Gaaru). There's also an interview with the two Ayas.

The other Aya has also blogged about doing ADR for KIDDY GiRL-AND at the same studio and with the same people as 8 years ago. I'm not sure whether to hope that means she's coming back or at least cameoing at some point or whether this was a late report about the line she recorded for the first episode. If she's returning it is presumably in the latter half of the series as we know they've got at least as far as recording for episode 11.

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cant wait for THAT album to come out, i love the "Uta wo Utaou" song, AND itd be a great song for Hatsune Miku to sing

just sayin!

already got the first album from the torrents, cant wait to get the other three!

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