KIDDY GiRL-AND ep 03: The Worst Compatibility?


There's some variation in the OP this week, but is just a shuffle of the images they are using (more from eps 2&3) and still not a "proper" OP. The waitress uniforms have changed again. Ascoeur has messed up Bflle and Alisa's order and Q-feuille comes to her rescue again.
Ascoeur delivers an order to Chief Hiver's office where she is in a meeting with Trixie and Troisienne. Ascoeur trips and Trois expertly catches both her and the tray. Seems she has practice with Trixie (or likes winding her up). Ascoeur wants to hang out with them a bit longer and ArmSommer tried to dismiss her but they let her stay to listed to the debriefing for educational purposes.
Back in the café she then tells Q-feuille that she wants a partner like Trois which understandedly annoys her. They then find a limited edition Card CaptorCGetter Sakura wand which someone has left behind, which ignites the inner Otaku in Q-feuille. CG Sakura is designed up Kagami Yoshimizu (Lucky Star) and voiced by Yui Makino (Tsubasa Chronicle's Sakura). Oha Lucky!. Ascoeur dismisses it as a kids toy (look who's talking ^^;) which further annoys Q-feuille. This leads to them divding they room in half using a bedsheet and then into.. a maze? Alisa and Belle stay up a;; night trying to mediate. Judging by the posters Alisa is into Shounen, Bishounen and Boys Love. Q-feuille does an Akiba (Kannagi)
They clearly don't change costume daily in the café and neither does Mi nourose, who orders the pair to take resposibility for wearing out Belle and Alisa by (after another pair of Dr.Moro eyecatches with CG Sakura and Pumpkin Pudding man).. taking their place on the reception desk.
A beat up guy, Mr Onda (Hirokazu Hiramatsu - Konata's dad in Lucky Star), arrives and collapses, and they display excellent teamwork in catching him. After giving them a card which has to be delivered to a man named Smith by midday otherwise his planet goes into immense debt, he is carried away on a stretcher. There are Smiths in multiple section of the relevant department. Q-Feuille displays her ability, precognition, for the first time, which makes her hair glow and her eyes turn yellow. All she sees is a woman so Ascoeur teleports to a random Smith and is referred from section to section, ending up in a section with only female Smiths. It takes teamwork to figure it out - the only smith that had been to Onda's planet recently was a woman bodybuilder who has been mistaken for a man. The injured guy comes back and thanks them and they make up, but Ascoeur can't resist calling Q-fi a tsundere.
It turns out the Sakura staff belongs to Troisienne who is a big fan (and that is so not a Lumière room, shedding further doubt on that possibility..) so Q-feuille starts idolising her also - and arranged to go over her house to cosplay together.

The ED is the CG Sakura theme "Magical Sakura-chan" (マジカルさくらちゃん) performed by Q-feuille (Aya Gouda) and Troisienne (Yukana). The ED sequence itself is just background art stills.

Next ep: Babysitting Special Duty (子守特務 Komori Tokumu) - they have to act as bodyguards for the blonde loli currently displayed on the top image of the Official Site. They'll be up against a pair somewhat reminiscent of Alv and Dvergr.

OP single artwork now up on the Lantis site (still nothing on the b-side track nor any listing for the three other CDs).


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i bet my dog (what) that the girls at the preview of the next episode are the so called "Ruby" and "Sapphire" and sweet nibblets they DO look like Alv and Dvergr lol

omg Q-Feuille's eyes dsjhdkajhkdflfs beautifull
and her ability is amazing!

CG Sakura? lolable really XD

i gotta say i liked this episode, soo far i find it the best cus they centered the theme to be more serious, about their relashionship and such, simply amazing.

P.S: Troyes Jeanne is a pedo lol

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