site update and redesign has had a major redesign. Most obvious is a new top image featuring Ascoeur, Q-feuille and an unfamiliar blonde, blue-eyed loli (a new anime-exclusive character? A side character from episode 3? Viola?)

I believe the following sections are all new:
A story section, but it only covers up to today's episode.
A Staff & Cast page.
A DVD & Goods page (just details the magazines and manga at present)
A Special page with the two trailers.
A web radio page.
A links page.
A broadcast page.

The information page has been updated regarding the next chapter of the Manga in December's Comp Ace - KIDDY GiRL-AND is the cover story this issue; the magazine has Ascoer and Q-feuille on the cover for the first time. Chapter 7 is entitled "Pretty Attack" (ぷりてぃ☆あたっく) and I believe it will be in full colour? I also gather that Letuchaia and Pauk will be coming into the open for the first time.

The only change to the database is that the "new" flags have been removed from the pages that were updated last to save confusion.


Added some links I missed first time as they are on the front page but not on the submenu.
From the episode 4 preview the new girl in the top image will be an episodic character from that episode (no idea if she will be recurring or not).


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