KIDDY GiRL-AND ep 02: Sweet Trap


Can I haz real OP nao pls?

Tweedledee is working on the security system, following last weeks breach, with one of those invisible keyboards that saves you drawing keys (but would be impossible to actually use), in an immense room with huge nanomist monitors lining the far end - you think they would have provided her with opera glasses or something. Q-feuille brings coffee and she's wearing a different waitress uniform to last week. Ascoeur is admiring puddings, including the pumpkin pudding that gave the title to one chapter of the manga (see the gate illustration on Yukari Higa's blog here). She's also wearing the alternate uniform and Mi nourose is dressed, wigged and made up differently also (yet again reminding me of Shangri-La's Momoko). Ascoeur wheedles a pudding out of her which makes her so happy she sings about it. Time to shut up for the night, and to lock the door you tap random spots on a panel - numbers and biometrics evidently being too easy.
They meet up with Belle and Alisa on the way to the cafeteria, with Ascoeur and Q-feuille making a detour to their shared quarters where Ascoeur is so anxious to eat her pudding she keeps opening and closing the fridge door - it looks like Ascoeur wasn't kidding about Q-feuille's memory last episode as she automatically knows exactly how many times she opened the door without having to count. Minu is both head of the girl's dorm and cook and boy is she scary when she's cooking. Ascoeur finished her food in a flash but is denied a second helping, so Q-feuille gives most of her meal which Ascoeur accepts without a second thought (I feel sorry for Q-fi but while she often acts annoyed she really does care for her partner)
They seem to have inherited the pool from Mahora. The steam isn't Strike Witches bad, but the angles make up for it so there's lots of nudity but not really any overt fanservice. Ascoeur really is a child ^^;
Back in their quarters (which, while not exactly a mansion are pretty spacious), but tragedy strikes when Q-feuille sneezes and set off a chain reaction of flying objects which knocks Ascoeur's pudding on the floor. Ascoeur spazzes out so bad Q-feuille has to restrain her from licking it off the floor. She isn't going to wait till tomorrow to get more so.. they're going to climb around on the outside of the tallest tower in the complex? Q-feuille is now in her "regular" costume that I don't think we've seen thus far in the anime, but Ascoeur is still wearing pyjamas.
Time for some breaking and entering. The building is full of sensors but Q-feuille is good with computers and memorised details of the security system when visiting Tweedledee earlier.

Eyecatch is Pumpkin Pudding Man! Dr. Moro again so looks like a break from the norm for gímik series with no series of guest artists - although Yuiko Tokumi is on the ED credits this episode for "SD" character designs.

Tweedledee is still hard at work in her football stadium and she's detected the intrusion and sends.. a Yaranaika arm wrestling robot (is this Shiraishi's influence?). I really have no idea what's going on here.. and now mist that makes them sound like men. Why? And now they have to cross a deep pit bridged by two oiled up Sumo dolls? I think Tweedledee has gone a little kooky in her old age. Faceful of sumo nappy is just so wrong. So is Sumo paizuri. Aaand the first outing for Q-feuille's kuropants (with surprising lack of detail given who is directing this). Now they are chased by a mob of Muska clones (from Ghibli's Laputa) for reasons which entirely escape me.
And what's this? Is is a ball? Is it a plush Tweedledee? No, it's a Genetech Doll! This is where Tokumi Yuiko comes it (c/w this). And she's brought some friends to play! And.. play Ascoeur does - it's a CG Tweedle Afro! And now it's time to get serious - the Choco Bonbombs are in play. But the chibis are getting serious now too. Are they trying to suffocate her, muzzle her or kiss her?
Q-feuille to the rescue and, were there some serious goal in mind this might be touching but.. "Leave me, save yourself, go eat your pudding!" doesn't quite make the grade. Some time this episode that girl needs to remember she can teleport and falling down a pit seems like as good a time as any - but apparently not.
Has this taken them all night? Apparently so; the sponsorship image after the ED shows when they finally escaped the pit trap the pudding was all gone.
Next ep is "The Worst Compatibility?" (最悪の相性? Saiaku no Aishō?), and I haven't a clue what it was about.

So far this is bearing little resemblance to the manga - I had been hoping for a more serious anime (ideally set after the manga and the whole waitress gig) but it is going the other way entirely at the moment.

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ok those oily-sumo-guys-whatever, that was SOO WRONG

what the hell, taking advantage of the girls? damn it, where is Keiji Gotoh going with all of this?
now ppl will be doing nasty doujins after this >:C

gotta admit the afro scene was funny
and ohmigosh, KG is using 3D for the first time yay

also, idk, they're made the series go from serious action theme into ramdom funny theme, i hope things get better.

also Mi nourose as lotsa wigs fff
the chibis in the ED were soo freakin cute

I'll admit, the afro scene did make me lol, but so far this series isn't doing it for me just yet...

We'll probably have to wait until episode 4 or 5 for a real opening, I think that's how long it took the first series to stop using clips from the first few episodes for their opening didn't it?

After waiting this long, I'm just glad to be able to see a second series, and be in on it from the beginning to boot. And surely things will be serious by the time Eclair and Lumiere show back up which YOU KNOW THEY WILL!

Ascoeur is starting to grow on me, and the "Afro!" line killed me. Que Feuilles is still my favorite little lady though... well, aside from Eclair. Black pantsu? I also noticed they didn't put too much detail in when they did that, which made me happy. I felt like I knew Eclair a little TOO well by the end of the first series, if you know what I mean. Though I did cringe pretty hard when the sumo's belly button came out from under her.... gross. I'm cringing again just thinking about it.

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