KIDDY GiRL-AND ep 01: Lucky Item


Prologue narrated by Norio Wakamoto. In Sc 0354 (midway between the two series) there's some sort of big space battle involving Tweedledee, Tweedledum, A-ou and Un-ou, a planet is about to go boom which for some reason will doom the galaxy (whether this is a physical or strategic threat is not made clear). Éclair and Lumière for some reason turn into immense balls of light and dark that coalesce and envelop the whole planet (following on from the clips in the pilot DVD, Éclair is floating in the orbital elevator shaft and Lumière is surrounded by the remains of Donnerschlag-Re)

OP (mostly recycled footage)

The GU (Globe-Governments Union) is now the UG (United Globe Governments).
As in the pilot DVD the GTO (Galactic Trade Organization) logo bears the text "As it was in the beginning, and now and ever shall be, the World without End" from the Gloria Patri.

Fastfoward to SC 0379, GTO headquarters on Aineias. Unlike the manga, Ascoeur is already working at Touch&Go, the GTO coffee room. She's ordered to report to Chief Hiver and is both well known and liked within the GTO. Security on the Chief's office is a lot lower than what it was in Eclipse's day as she just barges right in ^^;. She was actually just ordered there to deliver some coffee and left without listening to the full instructions forcing Q-Feuille to follow with the tray.
Receptionists Alisa and Belle finish their shift and head to Touch&Go. Q-Feuille is a lot better at the job while Ascoeur is just a clumsy clutz who can't even keep an order straight in her head. She wears buruma under her waitress uniform - that wasn't in the manga. The owner of the joint, Mi nourose (a tranny voiced by Shiraishi), doesn't approve and they get into a big argument.
He might not have the right seiyuu or the mole, but Hiver's secretary Sommer does have Armbrust's grey eyes (Hiver being voiced by Kaori Mizuhashi, who was Mercredi/Pfeilspitze in the original series, and both also have green eyes). They walk in on the fight which ends with Ascoeur taking of her buruma. Who is now deperately trying to hold her skirt down because she realises she took off her knickers as well.

Dr. Moro Eyecatch - more indication that Hiver is Pfeilspitze as she is celebration a "big promotion".

A bunch of old guys wander in, Alisa tries to direct them back onto the tourist route but they are actually soldiers in boxers with nanomist disguises, which they now exchange for armour and guns.. and manage to shoot up the room without actually managing to hit anyone.
Sommer has a tiny case (like a business card holder only a little larger) which is a Black Box - leaving little doubt as to who he actually is - and uses it to produce a reflective shield. The buy guys take Q-feuille and the receptionists hostage. They seal off the whole room with nanomist barriers and demand Hiver's surrender. Ascoeur come to the rescue, teleporting and using the beam sword in her comb (I preferred the teleport effect from the pilot). Q-feuille wades in with signal jamming smoke Choco Bonbombs. Ascoeur's nanoneedle gun tranquillizes rather than exploding, but like the bonbombs might have multiple functions.
Ascoeur remembers she's still going commando but dropped her pantsu. She now starts firing tranqs indiscriminately taking out friend and foe alike. The lead bad guy has a device which strips them all, combining their nanoarmour to form a genetech beast dragon. Which promptly takes him out. (Hiver's height is 178cm, but she aparently keeps her weight a secret from her enemies). Ascoeur stabbing the dragon in the head just makes him mad, flying off with her in tow. She loses her grip on the comb while trying to hold her skirt down and has apparently forgotten she can teleport. Ouch, much repair work required to the building.
Now she remembers she can teleport but doesn't take relative speed into account. Ok, her sword can do BIG. Doesn't look like she'll get the credit for slicing it lengthwise as the troops take it out, but she's more worried about whether they saw up her skirt.
She finally gets some get pantsu back from Mi nourose and Hiver chews them out about overstepping their mark, not being ES-Members yet, and is a little miffed the state of her office.
Trixie and Troisienne (give us an official spelling already, please) turn up - given that Armbrust has been recast there is still a chance that they are Eclair and Lumiere. No-one can stay mad at Ascoeur long it seems.

ED (Ascoeur version)

Next ep: Sweet, trap (甘い、罠 Amai, wana) - return of the chibi 'dledees.

I'll be back with screencaps at some point (probably not tonight as my head is pounding and I have work tomorrow), and if I see a translated version will either revise or just write a new entry depending on how much detail I missed and how much I misundertood..

Revised, corrected or expanded a few things based on having seen the episode a few more time now. Still haven't got around to doing screencaps, sorry.

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I started watching this episode with big hopes, and ended in WTF.

Seriously, they need to tone down the crazy. A lot less annoying voice acting on Aya Uchida's part and a lot less focus on the pantsu will be needed, but I'm praying it's a bit like the first episode of Kiddy Grade, where the first episode wasn't a good indication.

I'm also very much praying that Trixie and Troyes Jeanne turn out to be Eclair and Lumiere, but I'm not counting on that - Troyes Jeanne (?) is waaaaay too tall, and neither Eclair nor Lumiere seem to have changed height in any of their previous transformations.

I agree with Pie Pants, Troyes Jeanne may be taller but remember that at least 3 of Lumiére's bodies were also in adult forms, Troyes Jeanne's name would kinda make sense for Lumi, cus its like:

Troyes Jeanne > Trojan > Virus

I hope ppl get my drill lol, anyways, Trixie is soo not a name for Éclair whatsoever.

It still kinda pisses me off that they choose Ascoeur over Ascule, Ascule was way better, in my opinion.
This Ascoeur is soo childish, way childish y'know, worse than Viola XD at least Viola had her limits. Though, thank god they kept Q-Feuille the same character, gotta love that girl.

I'm still hopin' for some Éclair/Lumiére action man, we need them.


Ok ok, whatever, I meant the Ascoeur with white hair, she was better in my opinion.

About Lumière's adult forms, you're missing one lol, may not count but it's still adult.

And if she controled "Particle" better she could be an adult anytime anywhere.

I personally thought that the first episode was hillarious, but kind of underwhelming. I was hoping to see alot more in the prolouge but hopefully as the series progresses we'll see more of what happened. I still have hopes for this series/season.

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