Kadokawa has posted two KIDDY GiRL-AND commercials on Youtube:

「キディ・ガーランド」番組宣伝CM 【角川アニメチャンネル編】
「キディ・ガーランド」番組宣伝CM 【アニメNewtypeチャンネル編】

(I think it is exactly the same thing twice in fact)

There's also a half-length version on the official site.

Judging by the first scene of a destroyed orbital ring the events from the original pilot have been kept in some form at least. The music playing is the opening theme, Baby Universe Day.

Oh, ANN has already picked up on this (after ignoring all the emails I've sent the newsroom over the last couple of months regarding the series).

Aya Uchida has also blogged about performing the theme songs and about the PVs.

[edit]Added screenshots in the extended entry[/edit]

The first episode title is "Lucky Item" (ラッキーアイテム)

Just spotted a fourth KG-A single on AmiAmi. Other than the fact that it is out on the 23rd December and costs 300¥ more than the other three at 1500¥ there is no information.
My next update should be some form of writeup on the first episode.


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I hope you like your planets well done
GTO building
Touch & Go! coffee mug
Ascoeur and Q-feuille
Happy Ascoeur
Steam to be removed for the DVD
Ascoeur's beam sword comb
Waitress uniforms
Tweedledee and Tweedledum
Mi nourose. I really hope we don't spend much of the series in the café with him/her/it.
Receptionists Belle and Alisa
I still think Trixie and Trois Jean/Troyes Jeanne (or whatevern it is) look a heck of a lot like Eclair and Lumiere, as well as being G-class and repeating their catchphrases.
Whatever you do, don't let go.
Sometimes you just have to grin and bear it


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