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I'm in the middle of moving home so this will be brief.
The latest update to the information page on the official site mentions that work is progressing on the anime so at least we know that it is actually underway. It also says that there's an article about the series and an illustration of the main characters in July's Newtype, which is out in Japan now.

There's an entry on Yukari Higa's blog with an illustration from the fourth chapter of the manga, due out in Comp Ace on the 26th of this month, and she also mentions the Newtype article.

I've taken photos of the 2nd and 3rd chapters, when I can I will revisit with some form of writeup when I have time and proper internet access at home:

Kiddy GiRL-and Pure ch2 - Boy meets Boy
Kiddy GiRL-and Pure ch3 - Black and White

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