Kiddy GiRL-and Pure ch1: Girl Meets Girl


May's Comp Ace with Kiddy GiRL-and pure chapter 1 is now here.. 4000¥ worth of postage later (£30 at current rates.. the £20 it would have been only a few months ago was bad enough but this is ridiculous...)

I also have the April issue which carried the announcement:

It starts off with some colour pages:

Que Feuilles still has the chocolate drops:

Ascule still has the rose tatoo so presumably also still teleports:

Tweedledee and Tweedledum are definitely still in it:

As are Hiver:

and Zoma:

There's also a brief mention of A-ou and Un-ou and a scene straight out of the original pilot which turns out to be the meeting of Ascule and Que Feuilles:

For some reason Ascule and Que Feuilles are going undercover as waitresses

[edit=13th May 2009]
I don't have a copy of the 2nd chapter yet, but thought I'd mention, as I should have done when it was announced at the end of April, that the second chapter is entitled "Boy meets boy" (「ぼーい・meets・ぼーい」). Also added another new link.

[edit=31th May 2009]
I've caved and ordered June and July's Comp Aces from Amazon. The third chapter's title
has been announced as "Black and White" (「ぶらっく・and・ほわいと」). There's also a sample image from the chapter up in an entry on Yukari Higa's blog - it seems the girls will be visiting a hot spring resort.[/edit]

Slideshow and linkdump below:


Personally, I still like white-haired Ascule more. Dunno why. Though in the manga, in black-and-white, it's effectively white anyway.

And the rose tattoo just seems like a blatant play at fanservice, along with being waitresses. Then again, the series never seemed to mind fanservice. :P

Looks good - but does anyone know of groups working on scanlations yet?

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