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There's a new database page on the Official Site with settei, descriptions and romaji for the main characters (some of whom are unfamiliar).

アスクール is Ascoeur (or Ascœur, seems to mean "Aceheart" in French. Formerly known as Ascule c/o NT:USA)
ク・フィーユ is Q-feuille ("Q-leaf"? Formerly known as Que Feuilles c/o NT:USA)
イヴェール is Hiver ("Winter" in French - I was right about this one. She is the GTO Director)
ゾマ is Sommer ("Summer" in German. Hiver's secretary)
ミ・ヌゥルーズ is Mi nourose (Runs the GTO coffee bar where Ascoeur and Q-feuille are working as waitresses in the manga. Either a tranny or just really ugly. Not figured out what this one means yet)
アリサ is Alisa (Spanish name meaning "noble", GTO receptionist)
ベル is Belle (means "Beautiful" in Italian, GTO receptionist)

Also included are Tweedledee, Tweedledum, the C-Square and the Salyut (but oddly no A-ou and Un-ou).

There's a mention of the anime in a summary of "after summer 2009" titles on Nico Nico which has been mirrored on Youtube for those without accounts. Can't say much more than that as I only managed a glimpse before youtube stopped working on this machine.

There's also a writeup on chapter 4 (in Japanese) on Saineria. The chapter title is "Smile and Delivery" (「すまいる・and・でりばりー」)

Kanetake Ebikawa is credited with the mechanical designs and, although this could just be because these two designs are retained from the original series, I've compared with the original settei and the C-Square looks to have been redesigned and the drawings themselves are new (the original ones I have are hand drawn and annotated while these new ones looks like CAD. The basic silhouette of the main body is the same but the drive section has changed a lot with the addition of a curved section and redesigned wings. The smaller details have also changed - the main camera is no longer evident, neither is the dogfight bridge (perhaps they have seen sense and moved it somewhere less exposed). I don't seem to have any settei sheets from the original series for the Salyut but comparing with other material there have been changes there also (e.g. it is flatter on he top and bottom than it used to be.)

I've been thinking about the new official spellings for the leads. Ascoeur is similar to Ace of Hearts (L'as de coeur) and if you extend that to Q-Feuille and make a big stretch then she could represent the Queen of Spades (being designed after a leaf). Hiver and Sommer also represent two out of the set of four seasons.


Awesome research you've been doing :P

I can't wait for this....however its not going to be the same without eclair and lumiere :(

I hope the rumours were false and they didn't die in that teaser vid :P

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