Kiddy GiRL-and Pure manga update


An information page has been added to the official site with some more details on the Kiddy girl-and pure (キディ・ガーランド ぴゅあ) manga due to start serialization in the May issue of Comp Ace (due out on the 26th of this month). While the story is to be written by Kimura Hidefumi the artist they have tapped this time is Yukari Higa (緋賀ゆかり), who also drew the Shina Dark manga. The image below is taken from the official site, and I for one think it works very well. She's also included a B&W illustration in this blog entry on her own site, Highway Star. For reference, she also has a pixiv account. Since Tweedledee and Tweedledum are also in the image it's possible their return is still on the cards.


--update 2009/03/03 12:50 GMT--
Adding some links that have appeared since I created this entry. As usual I will keep adding anything useful until I start a new entry.

--update 2009/03/04 01:15 GMT--
The artist has added a slightly larger version of the above colour illustration to her site.

--update 2009/03/28--
It isn't worth a new entry (unless anything new crops up I'll start the next one when I have the manga in my hands) but there's a new entry on the official site's information page. Apart from some new art (and it looks like exploding candy is still on the cards) the only thing new that I can make out is the title of the first chapter, "Girl Meets Girl" (がーる・meets・がーる).



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Yes! Thankyou for linking to the larger version of that pic! I've been wanting to do a wallpaper of that too, but the image on the official site was just a little too small.

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