Finally after years of waiting there is more news on the Kiddy Grade sequel. And I got scooped on the news as I've been working non-stop all day. The title is now キディ・ガーランド which, according to the provisional logo, translates as KIDDY GiRL-AND (although it looks more like "Kiddy Garland" to me).

The summary, as translated by ANN, reads

The story is set in the Star Century year 0379, roughly two centuries after the original Kiddy Grade anime and about five centuries after our present day. The spirited Asukūru and serious Ku Fīyu work for the galactic government known as GTO. The two girls are members of ES, GTO's finest secret agents with special abilities -- or, rather, they are training to become ES.

The character names are the same, and the costumes are very similar, but Ascule has had a makeover - her hair is now pink and a completely different style (no longer has the long tails at the back and the beads are gone) and her eyes are now purple. They also appear to have had a role reversal since the original pilot.

gímik are returning to their usual roles (Gotoh directing, Kimura writing and character designs by Megumi) but production has moved yet again, this time from asread to Satelight (whom Gotoh has worked with recently on Macross F).

There's going to be more news in the April and May issues of Comp Ace if I read correctly.
Apparently I was incorrect - Moetron's more expert interpretation is that there is a manga serialization starting in the May issue of Comp Ace called KIDDY GiRL-AND Pure (キディ・ガーランドぴゅあ).

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Gotoh has made a new entry on his blog regarding the site update, added to the links.

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Added a couple more links and moved the bulk into the extended entry.

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Just an FYI: I'll keep adding new links this this entry until I start the next one.

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It just occured to me that I remember being confused by an image in Gocky Club 23 that came out at the Winter 2008 Comiket and checked - it showcased the new look (and the role reversal) for Ascule way ahead of this announcement - see for yourselves


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Yes, after all most 2 years it's a sweet sigh of relief to read this. ^.^ Though having really liked Ascule's original character desgin and the overall "plot", I'm a little anxious now as to how much else might have changed from that short PV. . . D; (not as if a change in an animation company should constitue such things. >.<)

I felt something was at a loss as well upon first glance as well. My first impression was role reversal between Ascule and Que, but thinking about it now I'm not so sure anymore. *sighs* I'd be dissapointed if they didn't keep those twin antagonists, but I think the loss of Zoma or other ES members would hit me harder. T.T

Wow, it's been a long time since I last talked to you (MT) but anyway, you really on top of things regarding Kiddy Grade. Anyways, it's sad that Ascule designs changed. It would seem that her personality changed too as she seems to be energetic now compared to her original personality.

i still dont believe they just changed Ascule like that (well i guess it was better than changing Que Fuilles, i like her better XD), maybe this could be one of quantum jumps of Ascule; after what happened in the promo, or somthing, idk, just throwing theories...

man i liked Ascule the way she was, i hope they didnt change just for the image, if it has a cause (which would be death) then i would accept it, even though deep down i wouldnt -__-;;

well, we still gotta wait and see what else happens before the sequel starts, i cant (and wouldnt) stand another news like this ;A;

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