Kiddy Grade Ignition DVD

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The official site has been updated with information on the Ignition DVD, including the full cover illustraion. Looking back I don't appear to have posted any details on the DVD so here they are. Information compiled from details on the above link, the Kadokawa Entertainment site, Amazon, and CDJapan/Neowing.

The full title is given as something like: Kiddy Grade Director's Cut DVD 1 "Kiddy Grade Theatrical Version part 1 -IGNITION- (Awakening chapter)". The sites all seem to agree that the first press extra is a box, and that there is an 8-page colour making-of booklet included. I'm a little unclear on the rest, but I think there is some footage from the opening event featuring Ryoko Nagata, Aya Hirano, Mami Kosuge (Bonita), Ikue Kimura (Liquiy), Keiji Gotoh, Hidefumi Kimura, and Megumi Kadonosono.

Technical details are:
Running Time: 90mins.
DVD Format: DVD9 (single sided, dual layer)
Aspect Ratio: 4:3
Audio (Japanese): Linear PCM
Subtitles: None

Originally I had the impression that there would be a commentary track, but I can find no mention of this anywhere now, but it was also listed as being 16:9 on at least one site and that has now changed so this may have been another error. Which is a pity, as commentaries were one thing missing from the excellent set of extras for the original series and were present on the Uta Kata DVDs.

I cannot remember whether I've mentioned this before, but there is also a report (with small photos) of the Ignition premiere on the official site, and another shorter one on the Newtype site.

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