Kiddy Grade -Maelstrom- trailer


There's now a 30s streaming trailer for the second movie, Maelstrom (which starts showing in a weeks' time), on the official site. I believe I recognised clips from episodes 12-17. Something else I didn't bother bringing up ealier since (only being of use to those in Japan) it wasn't worth an entry by itself, is that if you order tickets (of which there are three designs to chose from) from the Chara-ani site you can get premium versions which come with a passport wallet thingy. Wouldn't mind having one, but even if I could place an order through a deputy service it would mean an empty seat at the Theatre.

Oh, and somethign else not really worth a new entry by itself: Kano has started updating her again and given it a bit og a redesign. Glad she's back as her site is a good resource for advance warning f DVD, magazine articles and Comiket stuff etc.

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