Kiddy Grade Director's Cut DVD 2: Kiddy Grade Gekijouban II -MAELSTROM- (Hanran hen)

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The second Director's Cut DVD is due for release on the 28th of September.

The title translates as something like:
"Kiddy Grade" Director's Cut DVD 2: Kiddy Grade Theatrical Version part II -MAELSTROM- (Inundation chapter)

RRP is ¥6,000 (¥6,300 including tax) although you can get it for ¥4,725 if you pre-order from Amazon.

According to Amazon it runs for 90mins and is in 4:3. It comes with an 8-page colour booklet and the first press item is a mousemat. I gather there will again be footage of the premiere event included.

「キディ・グレイド」ディレクターズカットDVD2 キディ・グレイド 劇場版第二部 -メイルシュトローム-(氾濫篇) (Amazon)
kidhigureidogekijouban02meirushutoro muhanranhen (Yes Asia)

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And so... it is due out tomorrow in Japan. It may be out already, considering that Japan is something like 9 hours ahead of the UK and online stores often ship early. Of course, my copy won't reach me for probably close to a week :(

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