Kiddy Grade Ignition


The movie begins a year or two before where the original series started, with a new scene showing Lumiere rescuing Eclair followed by somes scenes that were originally part of episode 16 where Eclair has her memories wiped and starts afresh. There is no new opening, the basic credits are overlaid through these scenes.

The story then leads into the original opening scene in the lobby, however it is abridged: notably there is no opening narration from the tour guide, no chat from the schoolgirls, and no scene with the teacher. The gun SFX sound different to me also, as do other sounds like Eclair's rouge whip and Wirbelwind, Donnerschlag and the La Muse's "voices". The second episode's story begins at in 17:19, but Alv and Dvergr's arrest scene has been skipped, as is the scene where they show the rivalry between the different ES teams. There's a lovely fake eyecatch of Eclair and Lumiere in Qipaos 32mins in, followed by a musical interlude of of clips from eps 4, 6, 3, 5, 7 and 8 (increasinly out of order as it progresses) set to Mirai no Kioku, then another eyecatch of the Pizza outfits, then some clips introducing the other main characters (again set to music), along with some new stills and another (ecchi) eyecatch.
It is then back to linear storytelling with episode 9 at 40:50, episode 10 at 53:46 and episode 11 at 1:05:06.

Other notes:
Where some lines have been cut out at 1:25 Lumiere's lips are badly out of synch with the dialog.
Where the BGM has been recut there are some messy transitions, e.g. at 19:17.

Temporary screencap gallery:


Links dump:
Kiddy Grade 2 (Abicion's Blog)


Where'd you watch the movies? And if you wouldn't mind, could I use the information you had, I'm not going to plagorize, I was kinda hoping to put what info you gathered on my site. If that's asking to much, I can always put up a direct link to this site ;P

I watched the DVDs (as you can see by the scans/photos I've posted). You can take whatever you like, but link back is always appreciated.

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