KIDDY GiRL-AND Episode 22: Time Begins to Flow


Massive fleet of ships warps out at Azulantia. The Siegerum is there also. A battle breaks out between G-society and whoever's army Hiver and Sommer have brought with them.

Back on Erde Meteor, Q-feuille is now back to normal but Ascoeur has worn herself out. Geacht'er gives her a glowy grope. Q-feuille tries to freeze him unsuccessful (after almost calling him her brother automatically). He, however, has no problem freezing her. Saphir is going to dispose of Di-air and TAMA, but Rubis offers to do it for her. After everyone else departs, she asks her to save Q-feuille, then takes out the security cameras in the area on her way out. It is a strain to awaken her powers again, but once she gets a good glow going she floats up to Q-feuille's lips and gives her the extra power she needs to break free. Di-air produces a chocolate box from.. somehere... and Q-feuille uses one to produce her nanomist outfit (making a mockery of the changing room scene in episode 4...). Using their resonance as a guide Q-feuille chases after Ascoeur.

Ascoeur feels the resonance also so knows that Q-feuille is all right, and wakes to find herself strapped in a device which is connected to the four warp gates in order to trigger the explosion. It seems Letuchaia has been told that what they are after is a ball of E-IV energy, but not about the whole end of life as we know it thing. If Ascoeur tries to escape Erde Meteor will be destroyed instead, along with the 50,000 inhabitants.

Torch, Shade and Geacht'er leave on a couple of ships, and Rubis arrives, whispering to Ascoeur that Di-air is OK. Everything starts once Geacht'er reaches the opposite pole. The diagram translates Jikan no Kooritsu ita Kuukan as the "Chronofrozen space-time" and Éclair and Lumière are currently situated at opposite points on the equatorial plane.

Q-feuille and Di-air arrive, much to the dismay of Rubis and the anger of Saphir. Letuchaia and Pauk attack first to protect their Grandmother, but Q-feuille freezes herself preventing any damage. Saphir runs her right through with an ice spear - but it is just an afterimage. Tweedledum and Tweedledee arrive through on of Hiver's gates, followed closely by A-ou and Un-ou. Saphir is a little peeved, but Tweedledee is ready for her this time. A-ou manages to redirect one of her stalagmites so it pierces her. When Rubis tried to run to her she calls her a traitor, slices her cheek open and runs away.

Tweedledee tries to shut the system down, but it requires a physical key - the DNA of the Rosenblum family. Unfortunately they are all dead except for Geacht'er... and Ascoeur. The countdown stops at 3 seconds. Except the timer is a fake. The space unlocks itself, revealing the ominous red planet as well as Éclair and Lumière, with a magical glowing maniac looking on.

Next episode: Unending feelings (とまらない想い Tomaranai Omoi)

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