KIDDY GiRL-AND Episode 23: Unending feelings

This is the first episode Gotoh's done key animation for since episode 1, and the first he's been personally involved in since episode 9.

The burning planet is casting a red glow on everything around. Our trio teleport on board the Mistral which has just warped in (quite how Ascoeur calculated the relative positions and velocities in order to not only get them on board the ship but in their seats I.. will just ignore). G-society's fleet gives them a good pummelling, which Di-air and TAMA are typically enjoying. Suddenly the blue beam spam is interrupted by yellow beam spam from another direction; the cavalry has arrived - there was a GTO fleet locked up in the chronowatsit all these years also.

Having passed the blockage, ahead of them at the pole are three ships - Saphir's recognisable red one, a grey one for Torch/Shade and a gold one for Geacht'er. The more I listen to the timpanis in the accompaniment, the more I think of Evangelion NS.. Thunderbirds? Something Gerry Anderson I'm sure. Saphir is looking more than a little psychotic right now. Not quite "Uso da!" level, but getting there. Her ship packs a mean punch and carries MIRVs. Once the passengers disembark the Mistral reconfigures and now has a mean punch of its own and a turbo boost. Oh, and more MIRVs. It is also very manoeuvrable and can fire perpendicularly.

They teleport onto Geacht'er's ship where he is there to greet them. Basil calls to complain about the whole end of the world thing. Geacht'er ended up in the research facility ahead of Ascoeur because he was rejected by his own family as a child for being born intersexed, which is why she didn't recognise him. The researchers realised he was an excellent subject for ability development but needed a partner to unlock his powers. Ascoeur's apparent death was just the last straw.

Geacht'er is about to give Q-feuille the flower when the Sigerum interrupts. Hiver and Sommer gate in. It would look cool were it not for Hiver's awful outfit. Sommer strikes a cool pose and chucks his little Black Box case. Geacht'er stops time - but Q-feuille is still moving (albeit slowly) towards Ascoeur. Geacht'er chucks his flower but just before it hits her finger touches Ascoeur's.. cancelling out his power and with all three holding hands, turns it back on him. Sommer's case flips open producing a shield which encases him.

Hiver tells Ascoeur to teleport Q-feuille back to Erde Meteor - in order to reverse what Geacht'er has done they need to reverse the positions of the time and space controllers so Ascoeur remains at the North pole, now atop Mistral. They suddenly find themselves together in a pink mist - with Éclair and Lumière. The conversation starts something like:
"Don't worry, she's always like that".
They are now spread out at the four corners of the earth, all producing black/white balls. This time the monochrome melange evaporates leaving the planet wrapped in a blue glow. All four participants are now pooped. There's something wrong with the image of people panting in open space. Geacht'er is suddenly no longer confined - his ship is no longer there either, having been an illusion. Erde Meteror's warp gates all activate. The computer will only respond to Ascoeur or Geacht'er but she's to tired to teleport back. Letuchaia and Pauk lead Tweedledee and Tweedledum to the main computer while Rubis and Di-air remain looking after Q-feuille.

Erde Meteor warps out, taking the whole flipping planet with it, along with Mistral and Ascoeur can only watch over the comm as Q-feuille is menaced by Geacht'er. Di-air tries to shield her with her body but it is Rubis who saves them from Saphir's attack - taking an icicle to the stomach for her efforts. Saphir drives it even deeper into her partner before freezing her. Torch is dismayed to see partners fighting each other. TAMA powers up and wraps himself around Di-air just before he too is frozen. They all arrive at Aineias. Mistral bursts through the hull into the room and Ascoeur leaps out..
Next episode: Together Forever (いつまでも一緒 Itsumademo Issho)
- storyboarded and directed by Keiji Gotoh.

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