Kiddy Girl-and LE DVD 1 and other Updates

OK, first of all the Limited Edition version of the first DVD had arrived:

There is no new OP for the DVDs, at least nor on the first volume.
Compared to the original series it really is lackluster - you just get a slipcover, postcard versions of the four eyecatches and a 12-page "Contacty File" booklet which, while in colour, isn't a patch on Kiddy Grade's Continuity Files (especially since you got a 6-page colour inlay as well, along with cards and bookmarks). I'd happily trade the slipcover for Kiddy Grade's reversible covers with unique art as well. They haven't even included the art from the regular edition DVD either and it doesn't look like we can expect and of that really special stuff like mini figures, cell phone holster, posters, calendar etc. In the original solicitation there were to be mini pencil boards also, but they removed this from the listings without me noticing.

Audio is stereo LPCM at 1.5Mbps. Video is usually around 6-7Mbps. No subs naturally.

The PiP chibi adventures are still there at the end of the second episode but no sponsorship image, but they have included the whole thing in fullscreen on the second DVD along with dialogue.

Other than the TV spots (including the "male" versions) there's a clean version of both of the regular EDs (without the chibis).
Other than the footage from the first Animate store event the only other extra on this disc (which is common to both LE and RE) is a copyright warning read in-character by Ascoeur over screencaps. The menu is a static list of chapter points with the extras playing off a single button.

Second disc has the extended "Pumpkin Pudding" segment. Followed by a "visual soundtrack" which might explain why there's still been no OST solicited this far - it is 13 minutes of isolated score playing over stills with the track names and comments from composer Noriyasu Agematsu. Following this is the silly "Sound Only" audio drama taken from the net radio show. The remaining extra is the one that I couldn't understand on the solicitations - the Sendai round of the "Kiddy Girl-and Cup", a go-kart race between Shiraishi, the two Aya's, Producer Atsushi Ito (伊藤P) and his assistants Makoto Chiba (チバ) and Satoshi Yamazaki (ザッキー).

Other updates since last roundup:

The official site has a page for the 3rd (Dia) and 4th (Belle, Alisa and Mi nourose):

Details as before, but with larger artwork.

There's also a page for the 3rd DVD:

Which confirms the Di-air artwork posted on Ami-Ami earlier.

The final update to the official site is a report with photographs from the final stop on the Touch and Go! Delivery tour in Yokohama:

Of note is the Aya's in the information desk uniforms, Gouda's Sakura Stick and Shiraishi cosplaying as himself playing himself complete with ukelele.

I've found listings for a Kiddy Girl-and book:

It is volume one of what appears to be a light novel series written and illustrated by Hidefumi Kimura, illustrated by Megumi Kadonosono and published under Kadokawa's Sneaker Bunko label. The first volume is entitled "Legacy Lilttle Lady" (L3) and is due out on either the 1st march, 19th March or the 27th February depending who you believe. A6-sized and with 318 pages, priced at 650 yen.

ISBN-10: 4044286043
ISBN-13: 978-4044286040


Official site now has a page for this:

Confirms the release date as the 1st March.

CDjapan/Neowing have listings for yet more character CDs:

Volume 7:
Featuring Letuchaia (Hiromi Konno) and Pauk (Megumi Matsumoto)

Volume 8:
Featuring Hiver (Kaori Mizuhashi) and Sommer (Itsuki Takizawa)


Just spotted a settei collection book that has been solicited by Animaxis:

Due to release in April at 1,575 yen, 72 A4 B&W pages.

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