KIDDY GiRL-AND Episode 20: The Real Me

We now know the names of the episode director (Tomoaki Ohta) and animation director (Kanetoshi Kamimoto).

Pauk and Letuchaia are going to visit their grandmother in the hospital and Q-feuille tags along too. Erde Meteor really is an impressive place: this section has a massive clocktower, skyscrapers, european-style buildings (although in places it looks the animators got tired of playing Sim CIty and just dropped a bunch of buildings into a random messy pile) including what looks like a church, and tall skyway roads snaking around everywhere. Q-feuille thinks it odd that she doesn't recognise the place despite living there all her life, but doesn't dwell on it.

When they arrive at the (immense, glass-fronted) hospital the same girl Letuchaia a flower received a flower from in an earlier episode comes running to meet her, wearing ugly puffy shorts. She believes she was cured just by talking to Letuchaia and we learn the reason for Pauk's devotion - she once saved his life with a blood transfusion. The girl calls Q-feuille Geacht'er's new sister princess which she queries but Letty brushes over. The doctor/nurse team also mentions Geacht'er's new sister without realising she is just around the corner causing some consternation. While she's trying to decide whether Letuchaia could be her little sister her butterfly circlet activates and she repeats robotically that Geacht'er is her only sibling. Letuchaia has reached her limit and bursts out that while she isn't Geacht'er's sister Q-feuille isn't either. While Letty breaks down in tears Q-feuille remembers what Ascoeur had said during their fight but the device activates again and Torch appears to catch her as she falls and whisks her away.

Q-feuille dreams about Di-air and Ascoeur but the butterfly drives them away and the last thing she sees before waking is Geacht'er making a scary face.

Oh goodness, Dr.Moro is still running with the hotdog theme.

At some point they've added Di-air's name to the sign about their dorm. Di-air is wearing TAMA like a cap. Ascoeur is picking up on resonance from Q-feuille. Di-air immediately packs all Q-feuille's belongings into a massive knapsack, including Troisienne's Sakura Stick - but can't lift it. She settles on just the stick. They meet Hiver and Sommer in the corridor, and they basically tell them to go ahead, as Hiver's not in charge any more anyway and announces they will be acting now themselves to do something about the frozen space while Ascoeur is drawing everyone's attention, before vanishing through the floor (I'm probably alone in this but can't help thinking Rentaghost - "don't go into the cellar!").

Mi nourouse should not be allowed anywhere near a bunnysuit. Some consolation would be Ascoeur and Di-air in the same, but they're in their regular outfits. Good grief - s/he's got a football-sized tail.

I seriously don't think Ascoeur and Di-air should be let out anywhere on their own, let alone piloting a spaceship. They've brought along Q-feuille's stuff anyway. They warp straight to Erde Meteor and are immediately intercepted by the fleet, but Ascoeur charges straight in anyway so it is just as well the Mistral has such good shields since there are beams flying everywhere. It can also take out the enemy ships without breaking a sweat but there are a lot of them. Missiles are more of a problem though. In a rare display of intelligent tactics Ascoeur leaves Mistral to distract the fleet while she, Di-air and Typhon drift towards Erde Meteor in a large chunk of debris (now where's Boba Fett..)

As soon as they break cover the fixed defenses start targetting them, which is something of a problem when you're flying in open space on the back of a robot - actually, it looks like they are just trying to clear the hazardous debris but a direct hit sends Di-air flying off into space, Ascoeur grabs her and teleports them to relative safety while Typhon flies off - hopefully not to get broken again since they've only just got the damned thing fixed. I guess like Dalek landing craft there's an unguarded service hatch on top as they get inside with no problems.

Ascoeur has a flashback to herself as a child being led along as stark corridor with a bunch of adults wearing black. Out on the streets bells start rining (looking at the clock tower up close it is clearly a copy of Big Ben) and there's an evacuation announcement. The bells trigger more flashbacks - it seems that Ascoeur definitely has memories of having been here before. She was led through crowded streets by people who look like they're dressed for a funeral or something, there's a man's face on a big nanomist screen but at the wrong angle to make out clearly, and finally herself and Alfred in a featureless grey cell-like room with no furniture other than a bunkbed and wearing nondescript grey hospital-like clothes.

Ascoeur's head starts hurting again. She has to react quickly to block a handful of exploding coins as Q-feuille arrives - she's been sensing the resonance also. Geacht'er appears to welcome her as Lieselotte but she declares herself to be Q-feuille's partner, Ascoeur.

Next ep: Restored memories (蘇る記憶 Yomigaeru Kioku) - more flashbacks.
Storyboards by Jun'ichi Satou (the series' sound director), other roles like last week still TBD.


KIDDY GiRL-AND #20 -- Nothing to See Here... (Tenka Seiha)

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